Scientific and production magazine «Mine Surveying Bulletin» for 25 years is a professional publication that provides information support to activities of surveying services and specialised organisations on the whole range of survey software development of mineral deposits and mining operations.

The magazine publishes information relating to:

- the legislative framework of subsoil use, aspects of development of deposits, security of mining and the social protection of specialists of mining and oil companies;

- new technologies, hardware, software, and advanced methods for acquiring, maintaining and storing mining documentation;

- scientific research in the field of surveying;

- exchange of experience;

- raw material base of mining industry of Russia, as well as the global and domestic markets metals, minerals and fuel.

Among our authors are the leading scientists of the country, heads and specialists of ministries and departments, research institutes, skilled production workers, the high professional level and mastery of most advanced technology which allows professionally and affordably communicate their knowledge to a wide audience.

The magazine is distributed by subscription to enterprises, scientific institutions, organizations and individuals in Russia and CIS countries.

You can subscribe to the magazine at the post offices by the indexes:

In the catalog of «Rospechat» 71675;

In the catalog of «Press of Russia» 90949;

In the catalog of «Ural-Press» 71675;

In the Internet catalog of «ARZI» E90949.

Link to the catalog for online subscription:

Subscription through the editorial board is accepted from any current issue.


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