mv 6 2013XV International congress of ISM – p.5



K. N. Trubetskoy, I. A. Pytalev, A. G. Rylnikov. Automated control systems for quality of ore streams on pits – p.9

Results of research of a question of application of automated control systems by work of objects of a mining-transport complex are given in the enterprises conducting development of mineral deposits in the open way. It is shown that only on condition of full-scale introduction of such systems it is possible to solve a problem of stabilization of quality with use of satellite navigation to the shipped consumer of ore weight due to operational management of the pit equipment for the purpose of optimization of freght traffics, maintenance of the demanded maintenance of useful components in ore weight. Besides, such system allows to provide possibility of an objective assessment of activity of services and enterprise sites, to increase labor and technological discipline of the personnel.

Keywords: development of mineral deposits; pit; objects of a mining-transport complex; ore stream; quality control; operational management; the automated systems; satellite navigation.


Yu. G. Tolpegin. To a question of effective development before explored reserves of firm minerals – p.5

The objective reasons of decline of mining branch, as a result of unreasoned economic policy of the state after disorder of the Soviet Union are considered. Against hundred thrown perspective enterprises of Chukotka and Kamchatka examples of successful development of gold mining of Alaska and Kamchatka are given. Recommendations about carrying out auctions and tenders about sale of licenses for fields are made.

Keywords: mining branch; gold mining; economic policy; license for fields; auction; tender; standard and legal regulation.


Review of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference "Rational and safe subsurface use" – p.8

  1. S. P. Bakhayeva, D. V. Guryev, T. V. Mikhaylova. Research of influence of variability of physical and mechanical properties of soils on stability of dams – p.11

Regional physical and mechanical properties of clay soils of Kuzbass dams based on the aggregation and processing of mathematical statistics methods of materials of engineering and geological researches are established, evaluated the influence of varying the properties of the stability of dams.

Keywords: physical-mechanical properties of clay soils; SP 11-105-97; correlation; sustainability of dams.


V. V. Yakheev.Methodology of determination of areas and volume of cavities of stratification in the roof of excavations (Weber's cavities) by means of deep reference points – p.5

The problem of formation of cavities of stratification in a roof of excavations (Weber's cavities) is considered. The settlement technique of determination of their areas and volume by means of deep reference points is offered.

Keywords: stratification cavities; Weber's cavities; roof of excavations; stability of developments; danger of emission of mine breeds; area; volume; methodology; reference points.


S. V. Praktika.Engineering-geological and hydrogeological studying of ash dumps of combined heat and power plant by engineering preparation of the territory for construction – p.7

Specific features of water and physical, filtrational and mechanical properties of alluvial deposits of ash dumps which distinguish them from natural soil of similar granulometric structure are considered.

Keywords: ash dump; engineering-geological conditions; permeability; gradient; filtration


A. F. Mitrofanov.Technique of application of an indicator kriging when modeling a field of Fedorov Tundra – p.10

Experience of application of an indicator kriging when modeling Cu-Ni-PGE of a field of Fedorov Tundra on the Kola Peninsula is described.

Keywords: calculation of stocks; geological modeling; kriging; block model; indicator variogram.

mv 3 2013– ANNIVERSARY of KarSTU

A. M. Gazaliev. Karaganda State Technical University is a leader of preparation of technical personnel – p.5


F. K. Nizametdinov. Department of surveying and geodesy at the threshold of the 60th anniversary – p.7

The main data on structure of the department of staff of basic information on the composition of staff, material and educational and methodical providing, scientific development and achievements of the famous department scientists in recent years have contributed to the development of the department are provided. Particular attention is given to international cooperation with other related departments of surveying and geodetic direction and foreign companies. Finally the priority directions of further development of the department are considered.

Keywords: Karaganda State Technical University; Department of surveying and geodesy; preparation of surveying and geodetic personnel; famous scientists; faculty; educational activity; scientific work of department; international relations.


S. G. Ozhigin, D. V. Mozer, N. F. Nizametdinov. Union of surveyors of Kazakhstan as realization of mining tasks – p.13

The history of the organization of the Union of Surveyors of Kazakhstan (USK) for the purpose of association of efforts of surveyors for the joint solution of professional tasks is considered, the main results of its activity are presented.

Keywords: surveyors of Kazakhstan; Union of Surveyors of Kazakhstan (USK); The International society on surveying business (ISM); development priorities.


L. A. Puchkov. Carthage mining engineers – p.5



B. N. Dyakov. The unified theory of geodetic notches on the plane – p.9

The unified algorithm for geodetic notches on the plane was proposed. The idea of the algorithm is to introduce a local coordinate system and the form of the equations of position lines in a simpler form that can solve these equations by simple means. The formulas convert coordinates from one system to another. On the example of the reverse resection shows the potential of the proposed algorithm for the solution and assessing the accuracy of complex notches.

Keywords: Elementary measurement, state line, the main coordinate system, the local coordinate system, the system of equations, the combination of elementary measurements, the error position of the point.


S. A. Vokhmin, Y. P. Trebush, G. S. Kurchin, E. S. Maiorov. Rationing of indicators of extraction from a subsoil for chamber systems with trench ore bottom – p.12

Questions of rationing of losses and impoverishment at production of construction raw materials by underground way, chamber system of development with the ore trench bottom are considered. The mechanism of calculation of standard values of indicators of extraction from a subsoil is offered at underground production of construction raw materials in relation to chamber system of development. The example of calculation for conditional mine is given. Article is development of researches of authors of researches earlier published by collective.

Keywords: rationing; losses; impoverishment; extraction indicators; bottom.

Report on activity of the Central Council of «Mining surveyors of Russia» - p.5



V.  I. Emelyanov. To the question of modernization and technological development of economy of Russia – p.9

It is shown that economy which has really developed in the country with stable dynamics of a share of energy industry in gross domestic product indicates lack of profound structural changes in economy of Russia during the first stage of strategy of its development; the reasons which are slowing down transition of the Russian economy and the budgetary policy on innovative model of development with a key role of the human capital are noted. The package of measures, providing modernization and technological development of domestic economy and its transfer to innovative rails by 2030 is offered.

Keywords: modernization; industrialization; technological development; raw economy; innovative economy; structural reforming of economy; competition; state regulation; state monitoring.


D. R. Kaplunov, M. V. Rylnikova, D. N. Radchenko, A. P. Zverev. Value, results of tests and prospect of application of mobile stowage complexes at underground development of ore deposits – p.14

Questions of application of a mobile complex of equipment of module type are considered for the high-performance laying of the developed space at underground working off of deposits of firm minerals. Results of trial tests of equipment, samples of stowage mixes and the samples of stowage massifs formed from them are given. Perspective of use of the developed technology of stowage works for modernization of all mining complex of Russia are shown.
Keywords: ore deposits; stowage works; mobile complex of modular type; intensity of mining operations; safety.