Report on activity of the Central Council of «Mining surveyors of Russia» - p.5



V.  I. Emelyanov. To the question of modernization and technological development of economy of Russia – p.9

It is shown that economy which has really developed in the country with stable dynamics of a share of energy industry in gross domestic product indicates lack of profound structural changes in economy of Russia during the first stage of strategy of its development; the reasons which are slowing down transition of the Russian economy and the budgetary policy on innovative model of development with a key role of the human capital are noted. The package of measures, providing modernization and technological development of domestic economy and its transfer to innovative rails by 2030 is offered.

Keywords: modernization; industrialization; technological development; raw economy; innovative economy; structural reforming of economy; competition; state regulation; state monitoring.


D. R. Kaplunov, M. V. Rylnikova, D. N. Radchenko, A. P. Zverev. Value, results of tests and prospect of application of mobile stowage complexes at underground development of ore deposits – p.14

Questions of application of a mobile complex of equipment of module type are considered for the high-performance laying of the developed space at underground working off of deposits of firm minerals. Results of trial tests of equipment, samples of stowage mixes and the samples of stowage massifs formed from them are given. Perspective of use of the developed technology of stowage works for modernization of all mining complex of Russia are shown.
Keywords: ore deposits; stowage works; mobile complex of modular type; intensity of mining operations; safety.


M. V. Rylnikova, G. A. Matushenko, V. V. Eks, A. P. Zverev. Results of editing and starting-up and adjustment works during industrial approbation of technology of bookmark on the basis of mobile stowage complexes – p.17

Relevance of application of mobile stowage complexes for technology of forming of hardening stowage massifs in the underground developed space is shown. Results assembly and balancing and commissioning of the trial technological line in underground developments of Uchalinsky GOK are presented.

Keywords: ore deposits; stowage works; mobile complex of modular type; trial technological line.



O. N. Gorbunov. Positioning of sea oil and gas constructions – p.21

Methodology of positioning of sea oil and gas constructions is stated. Requirements to the equipment and exactness of positioning are considered and formulated. Questions of control and verification of readiness of equipment to performance of tasks of positioning are considered.

Keywords: sea oil and gas construction; positioning.


I. S. Pandul. Determine the azimuth and latitude by the stars without knowledge of their coordinates – p.27

A new method of determining the astronomical azimuth and latitude observations but without knowledge of the unknown star coordinates to sidereal time and equatorial coordinates of stars is offered. Azimuth is defined by 4-fold measurements of zenith distances observed star and horizontal directions to it. The technique of measuring the sequence of production of field work is given. Results of the field experiment are yielded. The proposed method will allow to introduce more widely definition of the astronomical azimuth in practice of surveying and geodetic works.

Keywords: astronomical azimuth; latitude; stars; surveying, geodetic work.


R. A. Eminov, N. Y. Ismaylov. About possibility of increase of accuracy of coastal water level measurements using a pair of opposite directed GPS receiver antennas – p.29

Influence of short-term changes of atmospheric pressure on result of measurements of sea water using the pair of oppositely directed GPS antennas is estimated. The condition of compensation of influence of short-term changes of pressure upon results of measurement of level of sea waters by pair of oppositely directed antennas is determined. The flowchart of the system carrying out compensation of influence of short-term changes of atmospheric pressure by management of distance between two GPS antennas is offered.

Keywords: level of sea water; measurements; accuracy increase; change of atmospheric pressure; GPS antenna.


S. P. Bakhaeva, T. V. Mikhailova. Choice of optimal control method of marks of soil dams – p.31

Justification of a method of surveying control of high-rise marks of the soil dams, providing necessary and sufficient the accuracy of measurements is executed.

Keywords: hydraulic engineering constructions, dam, sightings, accurate measurement, mark.


P. V. Koltsov. Practice of development of contour mineral reserves in difficult mining conditions – p.36

The actual problem of dredging of contour stocks in working conditions on being deformed boards of pits is considered. The new technique of supervision over deformations of boards with application of laser scanning is offered. Practical introduction on industrial facilities is considered.

Keywords: mineral deposit; development; open method; pit boards; supervision over deformations; laser scanning; technique.



Y. V. Posylny, A. A. Mamonov, K. V. Farafonova. Calculation of a boundary point of displacement for layer revolt taking into account influence of adjacent development – p.38

The method of calculation of a boundary point of displacement on the curve of osedaniye subject to influence of adjacent development is considered.

Keywords: subsidence of a terrestrial surface; border cartoons; extrapolation; observing station; step approximation.


A. P. Egorov, N. I. Nagaychuk, A. O. Shestakov, O. A. Shestakov, I. V. Zotova. To a question of the forecast of displacement and deformations of earned additionally mine fields in the conditions of Kuzbass – p.41

Process of deformation of an earned additionally terrestrial surface is considered, character and forms of failures are defined, need for carrying out complex researches is established.

Keywords: surface side job; deformation; failures; complex researches.


V. I. Volkov, T. N. Volkova, Y. V. Vershinina. Program and target approach to statement of supervision over modern movements of a terrestrial surface on oil and gas fields – p.45

Weaknesses of surveying methods of supervision over geomechanical and geodynamic processes on objects of oil and gas production are shown. Program and target approach to statement of supervision over geomechanical and geodynamic processes on geodynamic ranges of developed fields of hydrocarbonic raw materials is offered.

Keywords: deformations of collectors and terrestrial surface; stability of reference points; designs of reference points; design of repeated supervision; reliability, accuracy and representativeness of results.


V. V. Melnik, I. I. Kaydo, K. M. Murin. Display of zonal disintegration of the massif round excavations – p.49

The physical nature and geometrical parameters of the phenomenon of zone disintegration of rocks round underground development are considered

Keywords: underground excavations; geomechanical processes; tensely-deformed state; phenomenon of zone disintegration; geometrical parameters.


V. G. Gorelikov, V. N. Monahov, M. Y. Nasonov. Research of bump hazard anthracite layers – p.52

Association between the propensity to intense fracturing of anthracite, the voltage level in the array and the amount of culm drilling forecast holes was found. Refine bump hazard and proposed a nomogram for estimating bump hazard areas anthracite layers.

Keywords: coal layer; peak violations; mine field; bump hazard anthracite layers; blow; dynamic destruction; deformation and strength properties.


A. P. Averin, K. V. Romanov. Algorithm to recognize the acoustic emission in «real time» for implementation of methods for monitoring gas-bearing coal seams – p.55

An algorithm for detection of acoustic emission events in real time, based on wavelet filtering is described. The results of the recognition algorithm in a longwall coal mine are given. The conclusion about the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, and the prospects of its application for solving geotomography monitoring methods are drawn.

Keywords: gas-bearing coal seam; geotomography; seismoacoustic measurements; acoustic emission; the wavelet filtering.


K. K. Kuschekov. Research of distribution of fields of pressure and deformations in containing mine breeds of developments at protection them by structures – p.57

The research carried out have allowed to establish the mechanism of displays of mining pressure in the protection of developments workings by the rock isolating-bearing structures, as well as to define effect and the expediency of the rock security strips and their parameters on the stability of developments workings.

Keywords: developments workings; stability; intense the deformed condition; rock security strips; geomechanical modeling; Ansys


V. V. Zubkov, I. A. Zubkova, E. E. KvyatkovskayaAbout creation of zones of the higher rock pressure in the analysis of projects of working off of suites of coal seams – p.60

Results of numerical experiments are presented according to a tension and to identification of zones of the higher rock pressure in the analysis of projects of working off of suites of coal seams. 

Keywords: rock pressure; zone of the higher rock pressure; mathematical models; computer technologies; suite of coal seams.



F. M. Aggeev. Tmutarakansky stone – p. 64



I. I. Erilova. Work of seminar № 2 «Problems of mine surveying, geometry and qualimetry of bowels» of the XXI international scientific symposium «Week of miner – 2013» – p. 70