V. A. Potylitsyn. Giprotsvetmet institute - 85 years in development of domestic nonferrous metallurgy – p.5


Ye. G. Fursov. Scientific activity of Giprotsvetmet institute – p.10


Yu. A. Malyutin. Geological bases of three-dimensional design of deposits of solid minerals – p.13

The main approaches to creation of three-dimensional framework and block models of deposits of solid minerals for the subsequent geological and economic estimation from the point of view of international classification of supplies and resources are considered, features of a geological structure of deposits that must be taken into account at creation of models of deposits are analysed.
Keywords: deposit; concept "natural board"; morphological types of mineral deposits; natural mineral types of ores; technological types of ores and technological grades.

V. A. Potylitsyn, M. E. Denisov, B. P. Rudnev, M. Yu. Fedotova. Estimated technologies of processing of gold ores of “Sukhoy Log” deposit – p.18
Information on production and technology of processing of ores of the largest gold field of Russia – “Sukhoy Log” is provided.
Keywords: generating designer; native gold; testing 880-900; absence of sorption and active carbon connections; gravitation; flotation.


V. Yu. Kharitonov, M. A. Shadrin, M. N. Mironova. Method of comparative estimation of efficiency of working off of pits – p.21

The method of a comparative assessment of efficiency of working off of pits by means of estimated coefficient is presented. Analytical and settlement indicators on the example of the Amethystine field are given. Application of this method of an assessment allows to consider the major geological and economic factors, and also to minimize analytical, settlement and graphic works at initial design stages.
Keywords: pit; border coefficient of stripping; contour coefficient of stripping; estimated coefficient.


M. V. Rylnikova, I. S. Turkin. On the prospects of building an underground hydroelectric power plant in the area of the liquidated mines – p.24
The prospect of reproduction of electric power at the location of the hydroelectric power stations in underground developments of the liquidated mines is considered. Are described the advantages of hydroelectric power in one of the working mines in Kuzbass region, which has an active hydrodynamic connection with other mines.
Keywords: mine; underground hydroelectric power; mining; drainage; dewatering facilities; generator; turbine.

A. V. Galyanov. About key concepts of the theory of estimation of accuracy of results of direct measuring – p.28
The essence of the concepts "mistake", error", "accuracy", in the annex to the solution of a question of an assessment of accuracy of results of direct angular and linear measurements in practice of surveying schemes and creation of networks of a condensation of basic justification is considered.
Keywords: mistake; error; accuracy; measurement; accumulation of mistakes; assessment of results.

A. G. Aleksenko, A. V. Zubov. The design of surveying and geodetic networks taking into account reliability parameters – p.31
The application of concepts of internal and external reliability during the design of surveying and geodetic networks is considered. The article provides a list of tasks that can be solved using the concepts of private redundancy and external reliability.
Keywords: internal reliability; external reliability; verifiability; private redundancy; surveying network; design of surveying network.

N. V. Podkuyko, S. A. Vokhmin, Yu. P. Trebush, G. S. Kurchin, Ye. S. Mayorov. Features of rationing of losses and impoverishment at working off of rich ores of the second southern lens of Mayak mine of Komsomolsky mine – p.34
Experience of rationing of losses and impoverishment at underground production of rich copper-nickel ores of the 2nd Southern lens by layered systems of development on Mayak mine of Komsomolsky mine ZF of JSC "Norilsk Nickel MMC" is considered.
Keywords: rationing; losses; impoverishment; extraction indicators.

Yu. P. Kurenev, T. N. Malik. About the concept of development of system of normal heights of Demyanov G.V. – p.41
Three works reputable surveyors Russia and the Czech Republic on the development of the system of normal heights are analyzed. Raised the question of the method of finding a point on the Earth's surface, in which W0=U0 the potential on the surface of common terrestrial ellipsoid, which should be installed first (rear) grade rod to perform geometric leveling class I or II.
Keywords: geodetic height; normal height.

P .V. Yakovlev, Ye. A. Tukhel, O. A. Veselova. About improvement of methods of satellite high-rise definitions – p.45
The question of improvement of quality of high-rise satellite definitions for their correct coordination with traditional trigonometrical and geometrical measurements at construction and reconstruction of basic surveying networks is considered. The assumption of possibility of obtaining gravimetric data on satellite definitions is proved.
Keywords: basic surveying networks; high-rise satellite definitions; system of normal heights; quasigeoid; geoid; gravimetric data.

N. S. Belov, I. I. Volkova, T. V. Shaplygina, A. R. Danchenkov. Specifics of application of technology of surface laser scanning when monitoring a coastal zone – p.49
Results of use of technology of surface laser scanning are given in works on geoecological monitoring of the main morphometric indicators of a coastal zone. The researches conducted on model sites of Kurshsky and Vislinsky braids allowed to adapt this technology for the study of natural objects with difficult morphology of relief.
Keywords: natural objects; coastal zone; difficult morphology of relief; geoecological monitoring; surface laser scanning; morphometric indicators.

Yu. I. Kantemirov, A. T. Kamza, A. M. Bermukhanova, A. Zh.Togaybekov, M. A.Saparbekova, S. E. Nikiforov. Experience of use of technology of radar interferometry in control of shifts of earth surface in the conditions of existence of water environment and the saline soil areas – p.52
The example of use of technology of a radar interferometry in the conditions of existence of specific conditions is given. The technology of processing of satellite radar data is considered.
Keywords: development of fields of hydrocarbonic raw materials; shift of earth surface; space radar monitoring.

V. N. Gusev, A. E. Zhuravlev. Conclusion of transitional function on the basis of theoretical interrelation between the curvature deformations received at various intervals – p.56
The theoretical interrelation between deformations of the curvature received at various intervals is shown. Functions for transition from curvature of one interval on curvature of other interval are received.
Keywords: curvature; interval; transitional function.

V. M. Tsaplev, R. M. Ivanyuk, V. V. Zverevich, G. P.Zhukov. Nonsteady elastic properties of rocks – p.60
Nonsteady behavior of the elastic properties (the Young’s modulus and on the internal friction) of the polycrystalline rocks under the influence of the uniaxial static step stress was studied. It was showed, that the time dependence of these parameters is complex – first quick change, then slow, according the logarithmic law, then slow saturation, or avalanche-like failure (depending on the ultimate stress). The study was performed using the original method of loaded complex oscillator. 
Keywords: polycrystalline rocks; elasticity; internal friction; creep; ultrasonic control; static stress; ultrasonic method; loaded complex oscillator.