About meeting of the Central council of the Union of mine surveyors of Russia on the results of work in 2017 – р. 4



Grevtsev A. Yu. On the 300th anniversary of the adoption of the Berg-privilege – р. 10

The analysis of the decree of Peter I from 10.12.1719 «On the establishment of the Berg-Collegium for dealing with ore and minerals in this case» is presented, the cultural and historical significance of this act is described. The thesis is substantiated that this act is the beginning of the implementation of state mining supervision in Russia.

Keywords: mining supervision; mining easement; the decree of Peter I from 10.12.1719; Peter the Great; Berg-Collegium; Berg-Privilege; The order of ore-digging matters; history of mining law; history of subsoil use licensing; Law on Subsoil; reform of Peter I; history of the legislation of Russia.


Bilibin V. V. On the history of mining supervision of Kuzbass – р. 14

Brief information is given on the development of the system of mining supervision in the Kuzbass for more than half a century, as well as about some veterans who were at the root of the formation and formation of the traditions of the Kuznetsk mining district.

Keywords: mining supervision; Kuzbass; Gosgortekhnadzor; Rostechnadzor; industrial safety.



Gritskov V. V., Grevtsev A. Yu., Molodykh N. V. About problems during registration of hazardous production facilities – р. 18

The article presents a legal analysis of law enforcement practice of Rostekhnadzor in register of hazardous production facilities.

Keywords: hazardous production facilities; registration; subsoil use; land; leasing of land; Rostekhnadzor; Committee on Industrial Security of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs; Non-commercial partnership «Promoting the development of mining industry «Gornoe delo».


Omarov G. Z., Dudikov M. V. Legal regulation of the system of provision of obligations of the subsoil user. Part I – р. 22

The current issue of the legal regulation of the organization of the system for ensuring the subsoil user's obligations is considered. It is shown that modern subsoil legislation regulating relations arising in the field of geological study, use and conservation of mineral resources does not take into account the specifics of the functioning and termination of mining enterprises. Also, there are no norms motivating the subsoil user to conduct conservation, liquidation and remediation measures. For the purpose of rational and integrated subsoil use, legal measures are proposed to ensure the obligations of subsoil users.

Keywords: subsoil use; minerals; legislation of the Russian Federation; the Law of the Russian Federation «On Subsoil»; license for the use of subsoil; legal relationship; user subsoil; subject of entrepreneurial activity; development of the field; conservation, liquidation and remediation measures; mining enterprises; environmental safety.


The state and ways of development of the russian mining legislation – р. 30

The material was prepared by the editors based on the results of an expert assessment of the state of the mining legislation of Russia carried out by K. N. Trubetskoi, Academician of the RAS, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the RAS on Mining, E. I. Panfilov – professor, doctor of technical sciences, head of the expert commission of the Department of Earth Sciences of the RAS on scientific and technical expertise of subsoil use.



Kiselev V. A., Shorokhova Е. G. Application of vector-topological model for development of a digital mine surveying plan for solving problems of mining production using geographic information systems – р. 36

The article is devoted the problem of using a digital mine-surveying plan (DMSP) for solving tasks of the mining industry. It was analyzed modern methods of creating digital plans based on vector data models. It was explained the main principles of vector-topological model for creating of the DMSP. The DMSP structure was described in terms of vector-topological model. The mining tacks were solved in the GIS as examples.

Keywords: digital mine-surveying plan; vector model; vector-topological model; the solutions problems of mining production; geographic information systems; structured query language.


Shmonin I. B., Shmonin V. I.  About principles of forming mine surveying control system of deformations of the earth surface and facilities at the development of hydrocarbon fields – р. 42

The question of organizing mine surveying control over deformations of the earth’s surface and structures as an integral part of the industrial safety system of the enterprise aimed at ensuring troublefree operation of oil fields is considered. Taking into account the specifics of mining enterprises, the system of mine surveying control is proposed to build on the basis of 12 principles, adding to the existing seven principles of geodetic control of the geometric parameters of structures in the industry five new principles. According to the organizational purpose, the considered principles are proposed to be divided into four blocks.

Keywords: deformations; geodynamic processes; mine surveying control; principles of control system construction.


Malyutin Yu. A. Geological and structural block model of the Elanskoy nickel deposit and calculation of recoverable reserves. Part 2 – р. 46

The purpose of this paper is to compare traditional approaches to the calculation of reserves of ore deposits in our country and the international methodic in the conditions of a market economy to the estimation of ore deposits using the example of 3D-modeling and the evaluation of the Elanskoy nickel deposit.

Keywords: ore deposit; calculation of reserves; 3D-modeling; Elanskoy nickel deposit.



Grishchenkova E. N., Mustafin M. G. Use of neural networks for refinement of predicted earth surface deformations – р. 53

The solution of the actual issue of improving the forecast of earth surface displacement and deformation due to mining operations is considered. The order of development of the neural network carrying out the forecasting of the elevation marks of deformation reference points on the basis of the results of field observations is outlined. The experiment on training and testing a neural network is described on the basis of the data of the work-in-progress project. An algorithm for adjusting the forecast has been developed.

Keywords: earth surface displacement; subsidence; deformation; forecasting; data analysis; neural network.


Vasilyev Yu. V., Inozemtsev D. P., Misyurev D. A., Dolganov I. M., Filatov A. V.  Analysis and interpretation of mine surveying-geodetic measurements on the geodynamic polygon of Gubkinskiy – р. 58

To ensure the industrial safety of oil and gas production facilities at Gubkinskoye oil and gas condensate field, a geodynamic test site has been created to conduct repeated observations of modern deformation processes. Analysis and interpretation of the results of geodynamic monitoring (leveling class II, satellite observations, radar interferometry, operational parameters of field development) allowed us to determine that the conditions for the formation of modern deformations of the earth’s surface is a technogenic factor. The interrelation of the formation of the trough subsidence of the earth surface in the сentral and southern parts of the field with the dynamics of the accumulated extractions of gas and falling reservoir pressure in the main productive seam PC1 (сenomanian).

Keywords: modern deformation processes; geodynamic monitoring; radar interferometry; reservoir pressure; chest subsidence of the earth's surface; industrial safety.



60th anniversary of Anatoly Leontievich Okhotin – р. 68


65th anniversary of the department of «Mine surveying, geodesy and geoinformation systems» of the Perm national research polytechnic university– р. 69



Erilova I. I. Results of the work of the session 1.2 «Problems of mine surveying, geometry and qualimetry of mineral resources» of the XXVI International scientific symposium «MINER’S WEEK-2018» – р. 70