Gritskov V. V. On the progress of formation of compulsory technical requirements for subsoil use – р. 4

The article gives brief information about the ongoing work on the formation of the List of legal acts that contain mandatory requirements, compliance with which is assessed when carrying out control measures in the framework of the implementation of types of state control (supervision) assigned to the competence of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service, by order № 421 of October 17, 2016. Possible mechanisms for approbation of draft legal acts before inclusion in the List are shown.

Keywords: subsoil use; technical requirements; regulations; actualization; Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service; All-Russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia».



Omarov G. Z., Dudikov M. V. Legal regulation of the system of provision of obligations of the subsoil user. Part II – р. 7

The current issue of the legal regulation of the organization of the system for ensuring the subsoil user's obligations is considered. It is shown that modern subsoil legislation regulating relations arising in the field of geological study, use and conservation of mineral resources does not take into account the specifics of the functioning and termination of mining enterprises. Also, there are no norms motivating the subsoil user to conduct conservation, liquidation and remediation measures. For the purpose of rational and integrated subsoil use, legal measures are proposed to ensure the obligations of subsoil users.

Keywords: subsoil use; minerals; legislation of the Russian Federation; the Law of the Russian Federation «On Subsoil»; license for the use of subsoil; legal relationship; user subsoil; subject of entrepreneurial activity; development of the field; conservation, liquidation and remediation measures; mining enterprises; environmental safety.



Potiuchliaev V. G., Zubov A. V. Normative documents and comparison of their requirements to the accuracy of geodesic location work in construction – р. 17

The article considers the current state of the database of normative documents of the Russian Federation for the production of geodetic location works in construction. The article analyzеs the content and contradictions of the requirements to the accuracy of normative documents acting in the status of voluntary application.

Keywords: normative documents; geodetic location works; requirements for accuracy.


Volkov V. I., Volkov N. V. Conditions for the effective application of geodetic methods at geodynamic polygons of oil and gas fields – р. 21

A program-target approach to the solution of geodynamic problems by geodetic methods is considered. The insufficiently studied aspects of setting up repeated geodetic observations, constructing networks of re-leveling and methods of fixing them by typical leveling points in permafrost conditions are shown. The choice of the parameters of re-leveling networks, the depths of the bookmarking of typical level points in permafrost conditions, the frequency of re-leveling, the time limit for instrument observations at the station of lines for re-leveling, and the deviation of the actual frequency and dates of re-leveling from design values are scientifically justified.

Keywords: geodynamic polygon; parameters of recurrent levelling; stability of leveling points; observation and exploratory points; frost whipping; depth of laying of leveling point; permafrost conditions.


Gleizer V. I. The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy – р. 26

The historical heritage in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the initial and subsequent stages of the development of domestic surveying gyrocompass is given. The role of the All-Union Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveying (VNIMI) in improving the technology of construction of underground reference networks was noted.

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures.


Nazarov L. S., Ryzhenko A. V. Vladimir Ilyich Khvostikov, surveyor, inventor – р. 32

The article provides brief information about the life and activities of the Soviet inventor-self-taught Vladimir Ilyich Khvostikov. The description of two instruments invented and assembled by V. I. Khvostikov in the 1960s–1970s and which are now exhibits in the Museum of mine surveying on the basis of All-Russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia».

Keywords: engineer-mine surveyor; inventor; mine surveying instruments; All-Russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia»; Museum of mine surveying.



Kulibaba S. B., Esina E. N. About borders of dangerous influence zones of underground mine works – р. 36

Based on the analysis of the current document regulating the rules for the protection of objects on the earth’s surface from the negative influence of mining developments, a conclusion was made on the need for changes in this field in the current conditions of underground development of reservoir deposits. A new approach to solving the problems of optimization of mining operations under built-up areas is proposed.

Keywords: earth surface; objects; mining; zone of dangerous influence; boundaries; angles of displacement.


Yunakov Yu. L., Patachakov I. V., Boos I. Yu., Furtak A. A. Geological-mine-surveyor monitoring of pit slope stability for complex structural deposits on the example of kiya-shaltyr nepheline mine – р. 40

The method and conditions of establishing a monitoring station on the Kiya-Shaltyrnepheline mine. Measurements at the observation station were made with the help of satellite GPS technologies, the conclusion was made about the effectiveness of this technology for geomechanical monitoring.

Keywords: stability; geomechanics; monitoring station quarry; satellite technology; GPS.


Gospodarikov A. P., Nguyen Chi Thanh The stress in the cross sections of the segmental tunnel lining of Hanoi metro tunnels in the influence of seismic waves – р. 44

This paper proposes a method for calculating main parameters of the stressed state on the tunnel lining of the Hanoi metro system under the impact of seismic waves, as well as calculation conjugations in the cross sections of the segmental tunnel lining. Currently, seismic waves of earthquakes can effect Hanoi with seismic intensity from 5 to 7 points on the Richter scale (according to Russian MSK-64 scale from 5 to 8 points). In this case, the value of the peak acceleration of ground motion should be taken equal to ag = 0,2g, and the interaction of seismic waves with underground structures should be considered at a depth of 20 m with an epicenter of earthquakes at a distance of 20–50 km.

Keywords: segmental lining; joints; cross sections; seismic waves; stress state.


Bogdanets E. S., Lebedeva O. O.  Analysis of formation of zones of influence from the development of west salym hydrocarbon field on the surface – р. 50

Generally, formational pressure change leads to deformational processes during hydrocarbon field development. The extraction influence on surface is characterized by five parameters: depth, well drainage area, angle of influence, function of influence and radius of influence on the surface. Besides, both the stage of field development and pressure change reaction time of the surface should be taken into account. In this paper, the technique of determination of influence zone formation nature for each well within the whole field is presented.

Keywords: influence zone; subsidence zone angle; subsidence zone; well drainage area; formational pressure change; elevation change.



Suchenko V. N. The underground tunnels of unknown civilizations – р. 55

A brief review of publications on underground structures found in various parts of the planet is given. According to the description of various researchers, they were created long before the emergence of human civilization. Questions about their purpose and construction technologies are of great interest.

Keywords: caves; tunnels; unknown technologies; ancient constructions.



80 years of the Department of geology, mine surveying and mineral processing MGTU named after G. I. Nosov – p.60

75 years to Valery Iosifovich Gleizer – р. 64

60 years to Konstantin Vasilyevich Belyaev – р. 66



Review of the conference «Industrial safety and geologist-mine-surveyor works in the extraction of hydrocarbon» – р. 67

About the results of the training of a group of operators of unmanned aircraft systems – р. 69