Gritskov V. V. On the regulation of levels of mineral production – р. 4

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of legislative regulation of production levels by types of minerals. The analysis of normative legal acts in this area is given, the inconsistency of legislative norms with the conditions of a modern market economy is shown. Several variants of the solution of the problem are proposed.

Keywords: subsoil use; license for the use of subsoil; levels of mining; state regulation; rational use of subsoil.

Consideration of the draft resolution of the government оf the russian federation «On the application of the risk-oriented approach in the implementation of the federal licensing control over the production of mine surveying works» – р. 9



Skorobogatsky N. I. About the experience of liquidation of coal mines eastern Donbass – р. 12

The article provides information about the experience of the liquidation of coal mines in Eastern Donbass in the process of restructuring the coal industry. A number of problems are described, in the identification and solution of which the mining supervision of the Rostov District Administration of the Gosgortechnadzor – Rostekhnadzor took an active part.

Keywords: coal industry; restructuring; coal mines; liquidation; flooding; Gosgortekhnadzor; Rostechnadzor.



Trubetskoy K. N., Panfilov E. I. Тo the question of mining law (mining engineers’ point of view). By way of discussion – р. 22

Relations related to the use of most natural resources are regulated by the relevant branches of law: land, air, water, forest. This circumstance allows to draw a conclusion about the need to consider mining law as an independent, complex, cross-sectoral branch of law. The expediency of such a proposal is caused by the need to take into account the specifics of legal regulation of mountain relations, which is fundamentally different from the legal regulation of other natural resource relations.

Keywords: mineral-industrial complex; mining law; socio-economic development; code; Russian Federation; subsoil use; law of the Russian Federation “on subsoil”; multiplicative effect; georesources.


Omarov G. Z., Dudikov M. V. Legal regulation of the system of provision of obligations of the subsoil user. Part III – р. 28

The current issue of the legal regulation of the organization of the system for ensuring the subsoil user's obligations is considered. It is shown that modern subsoil legislation regulating relations arising in the field of geological study, use and conservation of mineral resources does not take into account the specifics of the functioning and termination of mining enterprises. Also, there are no norms motivating the subsoil user to conduct conservation, liquidation and remediation measures. For the purpose of rational and integrated subsoil use, legal measures are proposed to ensure the obligations of subsoil users.

Keywords: subsoil use; minerals; legislation of the Russian Federation; the Law of the Russian Federation «On Subsoil»; license for the use of subsoil; legal relationship; user subsoil; subject of entrepreneurial activity; development of the field; conservation, liquidation and remediation measures; mining enterprises; environmental safety.



Gleizer V. I. The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part II – р. 36

The historical heritage in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the initial and subsequent stages of the development of domestic surveying gyrocompass is given. The role of the All-Union Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveying (VNIMI) in improving the technology of construction of underground reference networks is noted, the process of improving the design of surveying explosion-proof gyroscopic devices is reflected.

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures.


Bobyleva E. V. Alternative production technology of mine surveying measurements of bulk materials in closed warehouses – р. 42

The article presents the experience of the implementation of software and hardware volume measurement complex in closed warehouses of JSC «Uchalinsky GOK».

Keywords: JSC «Uchalinsky GOK»; mine surveying; tacheometric mine surveying; measurement of the volume of the product; the hardware-software complex for measuring the volume; the automatic mode.


Volkov V. I., Volkov N. V., Volkov O. V.  New concept of usage of mine surveying and geodetic observations for monitoring the technogenic consequences of the development of oil and gas fields – р. 45

Complex natural and technogenic conditions are provided. Geodynamic polygons are created to solve surveying tasks to monitor the geodynamic and geomechanical processes accompanying the development of oil and gas fields. The specificity of problems and the low efficiency of their solution by traditional geodetic methods in the territories of oil and gas deposits and the ways of their effective solution with the help of the program-target approach to repeated geodetic observations in separate observation networks of geodynamic polygons are considered.

Keywords: oil and gas deposit; geodynamic and geomechanical processes; earth surface displacements; errors and accuracy of re-leveling; efficiency of re-leveling.


Tanirverdiyev Ch. G. The method for multicriterial optimum choice of measuring instruments for carrying out of complex cadastral geodesy instruments – р. 51

The general formulation of task on optimization of complex cadastral measurements is disclosed. The possibility of utilization of linear programming method for solution of task on multi-criteria optimization on the basis of linear programming, providing use of linear weighted convolution of partial target functions.

Keywords: cadastral measurements; linear programming; optimization; cost; land plots; RTK GPS; error.



Yunakov Yu. L., Patachakov I. V., Boos I. Yu., Furtak A. A. The substantiation of steady parameters of the open pit of complex fields in the conditions of gorevsky lead-zinc deposits – р. 56

The complex of research works with the refinement of data on the geological situation, obtaining reliable physical and mechanical properties of rocks. Based on these data produced a substantiation of steady parameters of the Gorevsky open pit lead-zinc deposits under the protection of the dam stage II.

Keywords: stability; rock mechanics; physical and mechanical properties of quarry; open pit; testing of fields; the rock massif.


Pisarenko M. V., Shaklein S. V., Shpakov P. S. Features of mining-geometric support of thin coal seam extraction with the use of plough unit – р. 61

The main mining and geological factors that limit the effective use of plough unit are disjunctive disturbances, the magnitude and variability of coal seam thickness which force to carry out coal getting with a cutting of roof stone layer by drilling and blasting method. The experience of mining-geometric and geo-information support of extraction with a plow is based on the use of a training facility, as which finished extraction panel was used. As a result of comparing the actual data obtained during its extraction with those expected from the results of its geometrization, performed only on the basis of exploratory well data, the main regularities are revealed, which subsequently spread to the neighboring extraction pillar planned for the development.

Keywords: coal seam, plough unit, coal deposit geometrization, geoinformatics, disjunctive disturbances, cutting of the roof.



Trubetskoy Kliment Nikolaevich – 85 years


Instruction for the production of mine surveying works – 130 years – р. 69



Review of the all-russian scientific-practical conference «Industrial safety during subsoil use and protection of mineral resources» – р. 71