Gritskov V. V. Legal aspects of schemes for the development of mine surveying works – р. 4

The article deals with the implementation of the requirements of the current legislation related to the design of mine surveying works in the development of mineral deposits.

Keywords: subsurface; mine surveying work; licensing requirements; designing of surveys; programme of works; scheme for the development of mine survey works; methodological support.



Zimich V. S. On the implementation of the proposals of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the USSR in legislative acts for subsoil use – р. 11

On the eve of the 300th anniversary of mining supervision, the article provides information on the implementation of the proposals of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the USSR to improve the state of use of mineral resources in the legislative acts on subsoil use.

Keywords: mining supervision; 300th anniversary; rational subsoil use; protection of natural resources; geological and mine survey control; subsoil legislation; Gosgortekhnadzor; Rostechnadzor.



Omarov G. Z., Dudikov M. V.  Legal regulation of incentives for managers of mining enterprises with state participation – a measure aimed at the implementation of public interests in the process of subsoil use – р. 18

The article considers the issue of bonuses of the governing bodies of mining enterprises, more than fifty percent of shares (shares) in the authorized capital of which is in state ownership or municipal ownership, which is not regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The measures are proposed to motivate the heads of state organizations to improve their management in order to obtain socio-economic effect from their activities of these companies.

Keywords: Federal law; Labor code; encouragement of managers; state management; subsoil use; mining enterprise; organization with state participation; performance indicators; top management; wages; motivation of management; labor relations; draft law.



Rogova T. B., Shaklein S. V.  Professor Petr Konstantinovich Sobolevsky – four traits to the portrait of the scientist in the mirror of time (to the 150th anniversary of his birth) – р. 27

Based on the documentary materials, little-known circumstances of life and activities of Peter Sobolevsky, the founder of underground geometry are stated: the origin of the name, work in 1918–1920, the fate of his children and one of his students – Fedor Galakhov.

Keywords: P. K. Sobolevsky; underground geometry; personalities; F. V. Galakhov.


Gleizer V. I. The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part III – р. 39

The historical heritage in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the initial and subsequent stages of the development of domestic surveying gyrocompass is given. The role of the All-Union Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveying (VNIMI) in improving the technology of construction of underground reference networks was noted, the process of improving the design of surveying explosion-proof gyroscopic devices is also reflected.

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; mine surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures.



Sankovsky A. A., Aleksenko A. G. Analysis of practical experience of processing of the sweet of approximate plasts in the conditions of mercenaries of the Verkhnekamsk deposit of potassium magnesium salts at the use of short cleaning system development systems – р. 45

The paper describes the influence of geological conditions on parameters of mining methods and overburden deformations on Verkhnekamsk potash deposit, focusing on integrity of the hydraulic barrier during and after actual mining. A review and analysis of the mining experience at the field was also performed. Based on the review, the effect of the displacement of the earth’s surface and the relationship between its results and the processes of destruction of the water-protective layer were evaluated.

Keywords: mining; potash; subsidence; hydraulic barrier; roof stability; pillars deformation; subsidence monitoring; mine flooding.


Abramyan G. O., Kuzmin D. K., Kuzmin Yu. O. Solution of inverse problems of recent geodynamics of subsoil in hydrocarbon fields and underground gas storage facilities – р. 52

Examples of deformations of the earth’s surface, obtained on the basis of repeated leveling at a number of hydrocarbon fields and underground gas storages, are considered. The inverse problem of recent geodynamics of subsoil is formulated – finding the parameters of the sources of anomalous deformations at depth from the results of measurements of displacements of the earth’s surface. The results of solving inverse problems are presented and the possibility of their application for the diagnostics of hazardous zones is shown.

Keywords: inverse problems; deformations of the earth’s surface; geodynamic polygon; underground gas storage; subsidence; offshore deposits; stress-strain state.


Gorbunova N. N. On the features of the behavior of the rock mass in the consideration of the Hoek – Brown model – р. 62

The article substantiates the transition from the index of heterogeneity of the rock mass to the coefficient of structural weakening by the example of the Hoek – Brown criterion.

Keywords: rock mass; deformation of rock mass; heterogeneity index of rock mass; anisotropy index; Hoek –Brown criterion.



Skorobogatsky Nikolai Ivanovich – 75 years – р. 67



School of mines – 2018: in Transbaikal called the strongest teams of young miners – р. 68