Gritskov V. V.  About the directions of using the mine working schemes for technical regulation of mining production  – р. 4

The article discusses the practice of using mining development schemes as a medium-term mechanism for the technical regulation of mining production when it is necessary to adjust the originally adopted design decisions. It is shown that the main focus of the schemes is to ensure the safety of work in case of technical problems arising within the framework of the adopted design decisions in relation to specific changing conditions.

Keywords: subsoil use; surveying work; licensing requirements; program of work; schemes for the development of mine survey work; methodical support.


About modification of Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety «Safety regulations for the mining and processing of solid minerals» – р. 10



Omarov G. Z., Kryuchek S. I., Dudikov M. V.  State provision of economic interest in the relations of subsoil use. Part 1. – р. 12

The article investigates the economic methods of public interest in the relations of subsoil use. The characteristic of absolute and relative legal relations from the position of legal regulation of the subsoil use process is given. The methods of providing the economic component of the public interest, which are divided into the following groups: fiscal method (method of direct seizure of property); method of gratuitous support; method of economic stimulation (contractual method); management method. When considering the economic methods of ensuring public interest, proposals for improving the legislation are presented.

Keywords: economics; public interest; the Law on Subsoil; subsoil; subsoil; legal; fiscal method; method of grant support; a method of economic incentives; legal method; method of management; taxes; fees; cadastral valuation.



Pisarenko M. V., Rogova T. B., Shaklein S. V. The account of uncertainty of data interpretation at computer construction of mining and geometrical models of coal deposits – р. 19

A formalized approach to the calculation and resolution of uncertainty of data interpretation is proposed in the construction of mining and geometric models of coal deposits using computer technology. The approach involves the generation of indirect determinations of the parameters at the intersection of diagonals of the quadrangles of the exploration grid, which are used to construct digital models of studied parameters in conjunction with the data on the drill holes. Algorithms for the automated formation of quadrangular cells of the exploration grid, calculation and selection of the used value for the indirect determination of the parameter from six possible variants of its values are described.

Keywords: coal deposits; geometrization; computer technologies; uncertainty of exploration data.


Barkov R. R. Geodetic points as objects of сultural herritage – р. 27

This article contains an overview of key historical geodetic points foundation and researches. It also contains suggestions for including some of the geodetic points in Сultural Herritage Registry and provides examples of geodetic networks which can be found interesting from cultural and historical point of view for future researches.

Keywords: geodetic points; triangulation; geodetic networks; Tenner; Struve; Bessel; cultural heritage; leveling network.


Zaitseva N. V., Nazarov L. S. The way of the «portability» («lying» compass) – р. 35

On the basis of museum stock collections and printed sources, the evolutionary transition from a mining compass and a set of suspension mining bussol, the main tool of mining geometers, to a constructively new mine surveying tool – a mining theodolite, is considered.

Keywords: mining compass; bussol; hanging devices.


Galyanov A. V.  To the question of improving the regulatory framework for the assessment of the completeness of extraction of mineral reserves at mining (in order of discussion) – р. 44

The key issues of development of normative and methodological base of subsoil use in modern economic conditions and the state of mining production are put forward for discussion.

Keywords: subsoil use; stocks; mineral resource; mining operations; losses; regulatory framework.


Pustuev A. A. Calibration of mine surveying instruments: problems and solutions – р. 49

In continuation of the long-term discussion, the article considers one of the most important issues of practical activities of mine surveyors – the issue of verification of mine surveying instruments, which determines the level of quality of work performed. The author’s assessment of the state regulation of this area is given. The expediency of creation of the certified geodetic polygons by forces of the subsoil user for carrying out verifications of surveying instruments is noted. The positive experience of the mine surveyor department «Uzelginsky» to create such a landfill for their own needs. The article is published in the author's presentation.

Keywords: subsurface; surveying work; surveying instruments; total station; calibration; linear basis; refresher course; the mine «Uzelginsky».



Litvinenko N. V., Kolesatova O. S., Roman’ko E. A., Koryanova E. A. The rationale for the use of reconstruction of the north-eastern side of the open pit field «Podotvalnoye» – р. 54

The article presents the choice of the optimal variant of technological solutions for the reconstruction of the side of the northeastern side of the open pit during the mining of the iron ore deposit «Podotvalnoye» in order to ensure its stability. The choice of the variant was carried out based on the results of the estimation of the stable parameters of the side of the open pit by the method of algebraic addition of forces over the most probable slip surface.

Keywords: iron ore deposit «Podotvalnoye»; mining; open geotechnology; the side of the quarry; deformation processes; stability; slip surface; the coefficient of stability margin.


Shpakov P. S., Yunakov Yu. L., Patachakov I. V., Boos I. Yu., Furtak A. A. Investigation of the influence of the errority of the determination of strengths characteristics (ρ and k) on limiting the height of the slope and its coefficient of stability margin in terms of kiya-shaltyr deposit – р. 61

The main factors influencing the calculation of the stability of the quarry sides are the coefficient of adhesion and the angle of internal friction. The accuracy of their determination depends on the objectivity of the calculated parameters of a stable slope. In this connection, the study of the influence of the error in determining the strength characteristics on the determination of the parameters of the stable slope of the pit, the height (H) and the stability factor (Кзу) was carried out for the Kiya-Shaltyr Deposit of nepheline ores.

Keywords: stability; geomechanics; physical and mechanical properties.



The 100–year anniversary of the Moscow Mining Academy – р. 66



Rostechnadzor hosted a meeting of the scientific and technical council – р. 69


Review of all-russian scientific-practical conference «Rational and safe subsurface use» – р. 70