Gritskov V. V.  About experience of using mine working diagrams for solving actual problems of mining production – р. 4

As a medium-term mechanism for technical regulation of the mining industry, if necessary, adjustments to the technical solutions embodied in the project documentation, the legislation of the Russian Federation legalizes the use of mining development schemes. The article analyzes the experience of using mining development schemes for solving actual problems of mining production.

Keywords: subsoil use; industrial safety; technical regulation; regulatory support; technical regulation mechanism; design solutions; adjustment; mining development scheme; mine development plan; justification of the conditions for safe subsoil use; technical re-equipment; examination of industrial safety; Union of Surveyors of Russia; Rostekhnadzor.


Clarification on the issue of meeting the requirements of the current procedure for registering a hazardous production facility – р. 8


Bezobrazov V. P. Essay on the activities of V. N. Tatishchev on the mining part – р. 10

Continuing the series of publications devoted to the upcoming celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Berg-Privilege, state mining supervision and mining legislation in 2019, the current issue of the edition gives an essay about the activities of the mountain part of one of the most prominent employees of the Berg-Collegium, Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev. An essay written on the report of Academician V. P. Bezobrazov at the Solemn Assembly of the Academy of Sciences on April 19, 1886 in memory of the bicentennial anniversary of the birth of V. N. Tatishchev, included the book «Mining Engineer V. N. Tatischev», published in 2017 as part of the book series «Library of mining engineer» published by JSC «SUEK».

Keywords: Russian Empire; mining; mining legislation; state mining supervision; Peter I; Vasily Nikitich Tatishchev; Berg-College; Berg-Privilegia; Gornozavodskoy charter.



Omarov G. Z., Kryuchek S. I., Dudikov M. V.  State provision of economic interest in the relations of subsoil use. Part 2 – р. 23

The article investigates the economic methods of public interest in the relations of subsoil use. The characteristic of absolute and relative legal relations from the position of legal regulation of the subsoil use process is given. The methods of providing the economic component of the public interest, which are divided into the following groups: fiscal method (method of direct seizure of property); method of gratuitous support; method of economic stimulation (contractual method); management method. When considering the economic methods of ensuring public interest, proposals for improving the legislation are presented.

Keywords: economics; public interest; the Law on Subsoil; subsoil; legal; fiscal method; method of grant support; a method of economic incentives; legal method; method of management; taxes; fees; cadastral valuation.



Zaitseva N. V. The story of the compass – р. 33

The article is devoted to one of the exhibits of the museum of the oldest secondary technical school in Russia – Nizhny Tagil mining and metallurgical college named after Е. А. and M. E. Cherepanov – a compass with a sundial of KONI. Museum exhibits representatively characterize certain stages of development of mine surveying art.

Keywords: A. N. Demidov; geometric measurements; surveying art; mine compass; sundial.


Chan Thanh Shon, Kuzin А. А.  Analysis of the influence of the earth’s curvature on the results of satellite and traditional measurements in a topocentric coordinate system – р. 38

This article discusses the effects of distortion caused by the curvature of the Earth on the results of geodesic satellite observations. In this case, the fundamental idea is the transition from a geocentric to a topocentric coordinate system for construction purposes in Vietnam. Calculations are given showing the relationship of satellite and traditional ground-based observations on the surface of the referenceellipsoid in the UTM and Gauss-Kruger projections. The conditions are given under which the corrections for height above the ellipsoid and for the transition to a plane in the projection turned out to be small and could be ignored.

Keywords: length distortion; earth curvature; satellite definitions; plane; ellipsoid.


Verdiyev S. B.  Analysis of error of geodetic instruments for measuring of distances caused by atmospheric factors – р. 44

The article is devoted to analysis of errors of geodetic instruments for measuring distances caused by atmospheric factors. The task on optimization of serial measurements of distances using total stations or laser scanners on phase measurements principle when the averaged on whole serie error caused by atmospheric refraction reaches the minimum value is formulated and solved.

Keywords: total station; measuring distances; atmospheric factors; error; optimization, tropospheric delay.



Nurpeisova M. В., Miletenko N. A., Donenbaeva N. S.  Study of the relationship between the properties of rocks and depth of their occurrence of akgal deposit – р. 49

The article presents the results of the study of the strength properties of rocks of the Akzhal deposit by scientists of KazNRTU and engineers of Nova Zinc LLP from 2002 to 2017.

Keywords: Akzhal deposit; development; rocks; strength property; study; regularity.


Abramyan A. G.  Estimation of the error of the field quality indicators contouring – р. 53

In this article, based on the use of matrices, the elements of which are the functions of the regular and random components of the total variance, is made an assessment of the accuracy of contouring of deposit quality indicators. When assessing the deposit field for its belonging to one or another indicator, it has been proposed to use indicator kriging, which satisfies the requirements of minimizing the variation of the prediction error, which makes it possible to increase the accuracy of delineation of quality indicators.

Keywords: contouring of mineral resources; qualitative indicator; quantitative indicator; regular dispersion function; random dispersion function; contour error; indicator kriging; variogram; covariance function; transition probabilities matrix.



Lyashenko V. I., Stus V. P., Lisova T. S.  Increasing the vital activity of the population in the uranium mining regions: problems and their solutions – р. 56

The main scientific and practical results of improving the life of the population in the uranium mining regions are presented. Problems and ways of their decision on the basis of development and introduction of engineering solutions and actions for decrease in gamma radiation and concentration of radon in rooms, performance of ecological and social rehabilitation of the polluted territory in a zone of influence of uranium production are shown. The role of specialists of various bodies of state power and local selfgovernment in solving the above problems for the regions is considered.

Keywords: radioecology; uranium production; environmental measures; life activity of the population.



The 70-year anniversary of Konyakhina Olga Andreevna – р. 64



Review of all-russian scientific-practical conference «New technologies in exploitation of mineral resources» – р. 65


Review of the conference «300 years of the Berg-privilege: history of development of the system of Rostechnadzor, mining legislation and mining supervision» – р. 68