Zimich V. S. About work of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia for the supervision of rational use and protection of subsoil in connection with adoption of the law of the Russian Federation «On subsoil» and other legal acts – р. 4

On the eve of the 300th anniversary of mining supervision presented the author’s report at the seminar of employees of Gosgortechnadzor of Russia 13-17 October 1992, Moscow. The content of the new normative document – the law of the Russian Federation «On subsoil» is discussed. The main problems and tasks of the state mining supervision over the use and protection of mineral resources are defined. Information on the work of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia on improvement of legislative acts in the sphere of subsoil use, rational use and protection of subsoil during the transition of Russia to a market economy is given.

Keywords: mining supervision; 300th anniversary; rational subsoil use; protection of natural resources; geological and mine survey control; subsoil legislation; the Russian Federation law «On subsoil»; Gosgortekhnadzor.






Results of the XVII International mine surveying congress of ISM – р. 12



About scientific and practical conference «Rostekhnadzor and mining industry. 300 years of joint work» – р. 15

On the seminar of the All-russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia» «Mining supervision and development of oil and gas production in Western Siberia» – р. 16



Gleizer V. I. The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part 5 – р. 18

The historical legacy in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the improving process of the design of domestic surveying explosion-proof torsion gyrocompasses is given. The role of cooperation of the All-Union Research Institute of Mining Geomechanics and Mine Surveying (VNIMI) with the State All-Union Topographic Surveying Trust (Soyuzmarkshtrest) in solving the problem of introducing gyroscopic orientation technology in the surveying practice is noted.

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures; organization of production; implementation in practice.


Zaitseva N. V. At the origins of mine magnetometry – р. 25

The history of creation of the Talen–Tiberg magnetometer from the collection of the NTGMK Museum, its justification as the status of a Monument of science and technology for profile collections is considered. The issues of magnetic exploration development in the Urals are touched upon.

Keywords: magnetometer Talena of Tiberge; magnetometric measurements; iron ore.


Gusev V. N., Golovin G. D., Sojtu N. Yu. Improvement of a design of an instrumental complex for a polarimetric way of transfer of the azimuthal direction and coordinates into underground excavation and construction  – р. 33

The design of the polarimetric installation consisting of three modules is given. Interaction of structural elements of which these modules when perform the measurements necessary for the solution of a problem of orientation consist is shown. The scheme of data processing of measurements by polarimetric installation for identification and determination of the plane of polarization of laser radiation is stated. The description of an algorithm of transfer of the azimuthal direction and coordinates concerning this plane of polarization of laser radiation is given.

Keywords: laser radiation; polarizer; analyzer; plane of polarization of laser radiation; measuring instrument of corners; adjoining direction; angle of orientation.


Malyutin Yu. A. The role of conditions and means of estimation in planning and exploitation of ore deposits. Part 2 – р. 40

The purpose of this paper is to compare traditional methods of ore reserve with international methodic to the estimation of ore deposits using mine shape optimization.

Keywords: zone of mineralization; conditions; cutoff grade; mine select unit.


Shlemov I. A., Gal’yanov A. V. To the question of introducing weighting functions in equalization calculations of triangulation schemes of reference surveying networks – р. 45

This article considers theoretical aspects of the introduction of weight function in the equalization calculation procedure for non-equal and heterogeneous parameters, for example of triangulation schemes for surveying reference networks.

Keywords: equalization; weight function; variants; heterogeneity; accuracy; triangle; error.



Gusev V. N. Monitoring changes in the height of the propagation zone of waterconducting cracks during mining – р. 50

The principle of monitoring the change in the propagation height of the zone of water-conducting cracks (ZWC) is stated, according to which the height of the ZWC is determined depending on the level of maximum curvature actually achieved at the time of its receipt from periodic observations of the displacement and deformation of the benchmarks of the profile line laid on the surface. At the same time, the actual curvature values are obtained as the second derivative of the measured, by means of periodic levelings, vertical displacements of the benchmarks of the profile line. What follows is the potential possibility of increasing the frequency of series of observations due to the determination of only vertical displacements of benchmarks by the method of geometric leveling. This increases the efficiency and reliability of monitoring the geomechanical condition of the undermined massif of rocks from the point of view of the development of technogenic water-conducting cracks in it, which form the ZWC.

Keywords: monitoring; surface curvature; bordering curvature; zone of water-conducting cracks.


Abramyan G. O., Kuzmin D. K. Modeling of earth surface displacement gradients in oil and gas fields under development – р. 56

The problem of formation of subsidence of the earth’s surface in the operation of hydrocarbon fields is considered. The review of existing models of formation of these phenomena, and based on the most optimal model for the analysis of tectonophysical processes, taking into account the genetic component of subsidence, namely the model of the deformable fields, the authors have obtained expressions for 3d distributions of gradients of displacements of the earth’s surface, which are a formalized assessment of geodynamic danger.

Keywords: subsidence of the earth’s surface; a deformable field; models of formation; gradients of displacement; extensive subsidence; mathematical modeling.



Gukovsky museum of miner's work named after L. I. Mikulin  – р. 64



In memory of Marat Petrovich Vasilchuk  – р. 67



Review of All-russian scientific-practical conference «Rational and safe subsurface use» – р. 68