Omarov G. Z., Kryuchek S. I., Dudikov M. V.  State provision of economic interest in the relations of subsoil use. Part 3 – р. 4

The article investigates the economic methods of public interest in the relations of subsoil use. The characteristic of absolute and relative legal relations from the position of legal regulation of the subsoil use process is given. The methods of providing the economic component of the public interest, which are divided into the following groups: fiscal method (method of direct seizure of property); method of gratuitous support; method of economic stimulation (contractual method); management method. When considering the economic methods of ensuring public interest, proposals for improving the legislation are presented.

Keywords: economics; public interest; the Law on Subsoil; subsoil; subsoil; legal; fiscal method; method of grant support; a method of economic incentives; legal method; method of management; taxes; fees; cadastral valuation.


Navitny A. M. Mass closure of coal mines and cuts – a unique engineering process in mining – р. 10

The article describes the unique experience of the restructuring of the coal industry in Russia. The reasons that led to the need to reform the industry, the main problems and the results achieved are shown. Attention is paid to the role of the «GURSH» FSBI in the direct implementation of measures for the restructuring of the coal industry.

Keywords: coal industry; unprofitable mines and cuts; liquidation reorganization; mining and ecological monitoring; ecology; «GURSH» FSBI. 



Gusev V. N., Kutepov Yu. I., Borger E. B., Kutepov Yu. Yu. The forecast of formation of the cracks having the nature of a collapse in a layer of breeds of a surface of big thickness – р. 16

Results of observations of shift and deformations of the land surface and the system analysis of these natural measurements of parameters (width of disclosure and depth of penetration) of the cracks created owing to these processes are given in layer of breed of the big thickness relating to the land surface. On the basis of the received functional dependence of these parameters of cracks from deformations of a surface the technique of the forecast of development of width of disclosure and depth of penetration of cracks is presented. The geomechanical scheme of processes of formation of cracks with transition to a stage of collapse of their walls is provided. As a result of a crack take the form of a collapse of breeds of the land surface.

Keywords: curvature; horizontal deformations; width of disclosure and depth of penetration of cracks.


Zubov A. V., Eliseeva N. N.  An application of the parabolic optimization method for the solution of nonlinear problems in mine surveying and geodesy – р. 24

An algorithm using the parabolic optimization method has been designed for the solution of nonlinear problems in mine surveying and geodesy. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) was used to design the algorithm.

Keywords: optimization; convex programming; search methods; parabolic optimization.


Gleizer V. I. The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part 4 – р. 28

The historical heritage in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the process of creating domestic surveying explosion-proof gyrocompasses with torsion suspension pendulum sensing element. The process of improving the design of surveying gyroscopic devices is reflected. The results of studies aimed at reducing the influence of magnetic fields are presented.

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation, surveying gyrocompasses, improvement of structures, magnetic field, magnetic errors, magnetic screens.


Kornilov Yu. N., Gubaydullina R. A.  The principle of relationship (similarity) in measuring and calculating of point coordinates  – р. 34

This article describes in detail the object associated with the measurements, as well as calculations of certain desired values. Moreover, useful properties of the object are defined and examples from the field of geodesy and mine surveying are given. This technology might be used for the following tasks: determining the coordinates of a point from three-point resection, determination of object deformations using linear measurements along profile lines, calculating rectangular coordinates using the technique of traversing.

Keywords: linear measurements; profile lines; systematic error; traverse; determine point coordinates; homogeneous coordinates; deformation monitoring.



Kashnikov Yu. A., Yermashov A. O., Shustov D. V., Lebedeva O. O.  The creation of a geological and geomechanical model of the Verkhnekamskoye potassium salt deposit – р. 39

The paper introduces the method of weakened zones determination in waterproof covering. This method is based on the joint application of geophysical and geomechanical approaches. The method allows you to determine the values of uniaxial compressive strength, coefficient of elasticity, Poisson ratio and other characteristics in any point of waterproof covering.

Keywords: seismic prospecting, mechanical properties model (MPM), static and dynamic geomechanical characteristics, decompression zones, waterproof covering (WPC), correlation dependence.


Kulibaba S. B. Field observations of the vertical displacement of undermined massif – р. 46

A brief analysis of the main methods of research the rock movement process is given. Based on the experimental studies conducted on observation stations equipped in mine workings and on the earth’s surface of coal mines, the main parameters of the distribution of vertical displacements of the rock massif in different zones of the influence area of the mine workings are determined, and a scheme is proposed that can be the basis for the methodology of their prediction.

Keywords: underground mining; the rock massif; vertical movements; field research; analysis and synthesis; movement scheme.


Montikov A. V., Rabota E. N., Gorelikov V. G., Basova L. A.  The study of the creep of coal and rocks in terms of gas and water saturation – р. 52

Methods and technical means for studying the effect of gas and water saturation on geological properties of coal and host rocks are considered. Based on the analysis carried out, an installation was proposed to study the effect of methane saturation on the geological properties of coal and rocks. Computer studies to determine potential rock and coal fall surrounding areas as a result of their water saturation are given as an example.

Keywords: coal; rock; excavation; gas saturation; water saturation; deformation; tension; creep; sudden fall; experimental installation; computer modelling.


Kulikova E. Yu.  Monitoring as a basis for georisk reduction at the development of underground space – р. 57

Cornerstone for the substantiation, rock mechanical and geotechnical support for the development of underground space are monitoring data. Up-to-date monitoring is unthinkable without an appropriate instrument base. This instrument base and engineering support were created in NUST “MISiS” by scientists from the Department “Construction of Underground Structures and Mining Enterprises” and specialists of the “Telemac” Company. The article reveals the main aspects of geomechanical and technological risks formation during the development of underground space of the cities and proposes measures to minimize them on the basis of monitoring and engineering measures.

Keywords: underground construction; georisk; geomechanical monitoring; engineering; geo-system.



The 70-year anniversary of Motornaya Lyudmila Ivanovna – р. 65



Geological museum of A. A. Chernov – р. 66



Erilova I. I. The results of the Session 1.2 «The problems of mine surveying, geometry and qualimetry of mineral resources» XXVII International Scientific Symposium «Miner’s week – 2019» – р. 68