Gritskov V. V. On the legal problems of the use of operational mechanisms for technical regulation of mining operations – р. 4

The experience of implementation and use of various mechanisms of technical regulation of mining operations is considered. It is shown that with the introduction of the agreement by the bodies of state mining supervision of schemes for the development of mining created a legal foundation for the development of operational technical regulation of operating processes in the mining industry.

Keywords: subsoil use; mining; industrial safety; subsoil protection; technical regulation; technical requirements; Rostekhnadzor.

Conclusion of expert commission of the Department of the earth of RAS on scientific and technical expertise of subsurface use on the issues of harmonization of relations between the state and business in the field of geology and mining – р. 10



Nizametdinov F. K., Khmyrova E. N.  Achievements of the Department of mine surveying and geodesy named after corresponding member of NAS RK I. I. Popov. Part 1 – р. 16

The materials on the state and prospects of development of the Department of mine surveying and geodesy named after corresponding member of NAS RK Popov I., dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth. Its personnel is represented by 5 doctors and 15 Candidates of Technical Sciences, as well as 2 PhD doctors and 20 masters of technical Sciences, basic education in which surveying and geodesy, there are the most modern devices based on the use of laser technology and GPS measurements, actively conducted research work in the field of ensuring the stability of quarry boards and their instrumental control using laser and digital technologies.

Keywords: personnel; material and technical base; digital measurement technologies; scanning; satellite measurement; textbooks; laboratories; achievements of members of the Department.


Mining legislation and the system of state mining supervision. History and modernity  – р. 22


The role and importance of the state mining supervision in the development of the mining industry – р. 23


Seminar on «300 years of Berg–Privilege and Rostechnadzor: monitoring of mining allotment from the measuring circuits to space technologies» – р. 24



Gunger U. V.  Survey rationale Turinsky copper mines Bogoslovsky mining district in the late XIX – early XX centuries – р. 26

In the middle of the 19th century, French specialists were involved in the creation of the first survey study in the Perm region, but Russian military surveyors had to complete the creation of a network of points. The created network became the basis for the production of a large number of works on topographic and geological surveys. In consequence, almost all the items were destroyed, but it is possible to search for and recover them from the preserved materials.

Keywords: survey study; military topography; triangulation; topographic and geological mapping; geodetic signs.


Kornilov Yu. N., Gubaydullina R. A. The principle of relationship (similarity) in measuring and calculating of point coordinates – р. 34

This article describes in detail the object associated with the measurements, as well as calculations of certain desired values. Moreover, useful properties of the object are defined and examples from the field of geodesy and mine surveying are given. This technology might be used for the following tasks: determining the coordinates of a point from three-point resection, determination of object deformations using linear measurements along profile lines, calculating rectangular coordinates using the technique of traversing.

Keywords: linear measurements; profile lines; systematic error; traverse; determine point coordinates; homogeneous coordinates; deformation monitoring.



Nikolashin S. Yu., Nikolashin Yu. M.  Stability of instrument deposits on a weak base of iron ore deep careers – р. 39

The article presents the results of an assessment of the stability of near-side dumps with a height of more than 100 m in engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions by a weak layered base with a thickness of 20 to 60 m, folded by watered sandy-clay deposits, using the K-MINE geo-information system complex.

Keywords: side blade; blade stability; convex profile; weak base; stability assessment; numerical simulation; K-MINE; reinforcement of slopes.


Volohov Е. М., Mukminova D. Z.  The problem of evaluation harmful effects mining works during construction of subway escalator tunnels with the help of a freezing of soils – р. 47

The article deals with the technological features of the construction of escalator tunnels by freezing soils, analyzed the nature of the harmful effects of such mining on the earth’s surface. The characteristic of existing methods of estimation of displacements and deformations is given, their shortcomings are revealed. The ways and methods of solving the problem of assessing the harmful effects of mining in the construction of escalator tunnels by freezing for the purpose of protection of buildings and structures.

Keywords: escalator tunnel; method a freezing of soil; displacement and deformation.



Cheban A. Yu. Technology development steeply dipping ore bodies with the use of remote controlled mining equipment – р. 56

The article analyzes modern technologies for the open development of steeply dipping ore bodies. The development of automation and navigation systems in the conduct of open mining operations can largely transform the technical and technological principles of the activities of extractive enterprises. A technology is proposed for the development of steeply dipping ore bodies and a set of equipment for its implementation, including a milling machine, caterpillar scrapers and a mobile remote control station, which makes it possible to develop fields with commercially produced mining equipment with relatively high productivity.

Keywords: kimberlites; quarry; rock mass; remote control; dump truck; milling machine; crawler scraper.


Moldovan D. V., Chernobai V. I., Borisovsky I. A.  Improving the quality of the destroyed rock mass and comparative processing of results – р. 61

The results of the study of the grain size distribution of the destroyed rock mass at the quarries of building materials, depending on the blasthole cartridge design have been obtained. To determine the quality of the rock mass collapse were used field and laboratory studies. It is shown that the use of new blasthole cartridge design makes it possible to control the quality of the grain size distribution, which in turn can increase the economic profit of the enterprise.

Keywords: grading; drill and blast works; blasthole cartridge design; quality of blasting preparation of the rock mass; rock mass collapse; logarithmic distribution; processing of results.



Novokuznetsk regional museum. Department of nature – р. 65



The 100-year anniversary of Popov Ivan Innokentievich – р. 67


55 years to Alekseev Andrey Borisovich – р. 68


65 years to Gusev Vladimir Nikolaevich – р. 68


65 years to Gordeyev Viktor Aleksandrovich – р. 69


65 years to Belousov Vyacheslav Viktorovich – р. 69


65 years to Abramyan Georgy Onikovich – р. 70



Review of the II Regional scientific practical conference «Geodesy and surveying» – р. 71