Alekseev A. B. On the experience of the enforcement of new requirements in planning the development of mining operations and the design of mining documents – р. 4

The article is presented based on the author’s report at the seminar «Practical issues of drawing up plans for the development of mining operations and design of mining documentation in accordance with the orders of Rostechnadzor No. 401 of 29.09.2017 and No. 461 of 01.11.2017», April 23-25, 2019, Moscow.

Keywords: Rostekhnadzor; mining work; economic efficiency; rational and safe subsoil use; requirements for mine surveying support of mining operations; mining documentation.


Zhukov G. P. About project documentation for the production of mine surveying works – р. 11

The problems of project documentation for the production of mine surveying works are considered. It was noted that ten years ago the «Recommendations for the preparation of project documentation for the production of mine surveying work», developed by Rostechnadzor together with the Scientific Center for Geomechanics and Mining Production Problems of St. Petersburg Mining University, were published. On the basis of these recommendations, the mining enterprises were asked to create a new regulatory document «Project for the production of mine survey work».

Keywords: mine surveying work; project documentation; composition; content and execution of documentation; recommendations for its preparation.


Tribus V. A., Milyaeva I. A. Issues of state regulation of subsoil use in the field of land and property relations. Ensuring the rights of subsoil users to use land plots through the establishment of a servitude – р. 16

The basic principles of subsurface use in Russia, compulsory procedures to start mining are considered. The main attention is paid to features of receiving the rights of use of the land plot for subsurface use and to legislation suggestions for improvement in the field of the land relations and subsurface use.

Keywords: subsoil plot; subsoil legislation; license; land plot; category of lands; owner; easement; losses.



Nizametdinov F. K., Khmyrova E. N.  Achievements of the Department of mine surveying and geodesy named after corresponding member of NAS RK I. I. Popov. Part 2 – р. 24

The materials on the state and prospects of development of the Department of mine surveying and geodesy named after corresponding member of NAS RK Popov I., dedicated to the 100th anniversary of his birth. Its personnel is represented by 5 doctors and 15 candidates of Technical Sciences, as well as 2 PhD doctors and 20 masters of Technical Sciences, basic education in which surveying and geodesy, there are the most modern devices based on the use of laser technology and GPS measurements, actively conducted research work in the field of ensuring the stability of quarry boards and their instrumental control using laser and digital technologies.

Keywords: personnel; material and technical base; digital measurement technologies; scanning; satellite measurement; textbooks; laboratories; achievements of members of the Department.



Barkov R. R. Early high-rise signs of Moscow. Part 1 – р. 31

The article is prepared on the basis of historical and technical research of early elevation marks in Moscow (1873-1934) laid down both for works on city development (from the first sewer to the first General plan) and for national importance works. The different types of embedded elevation marks are considered. A brief description of levelling, accompanying and preceding works is presented. The information about the results of a field survey of elevation marks and the degree of their preservation is presented.

Keywords: Geodetic points; Ttriangulation; Geodetic levelling networks; Levelling points; Moscow.


Nazarov L. S., Ilyushina T. V. Development of eckers as tools of «Space division». «Earth-dividing trace» in the development of angular surveying and surveying instruments. Part 1 – р. 40

The article presents the history of the use and design development mechanical, reflective (mirror and prism), optical-mechanical ekers – instruments are conventionally considered to be angular, but in fact performing the function of the visual separation of the space at fixed angles.

Keywords: surveying; geodesy; space division; orthogonal projections; ecker; history; tools development.


Suchenko V. N. The use of matrices in predicting geological indicators – р. 50

Most methods of predicting the location of the characteristics of the mineral Deposit are based on the selection of mathematical functions and the approximation of one or more of the most significant indicators. One way to solve forecasting problems is to use matrices. This will take into account all the indicators and characteristics of the field, which can be expressed in numbers and get rid of the timeconsuming procedure for selecting the forecasting function.

Keywords: forecasting, deposits, geological indicators, mathematical functions, matrices.


Abramyan G. O., Abramyan A. G. On the properties of binary functions of transition probabilities (attached to the subsoil geometry) – р. 57

In this article, the theoretical aspects of contouring of discretely placed ore bodies in subsurface space are discussed. It is proved that there are functional relationships between the binary transition probability function and the indicator variogram (as well as the indicator covariance function С(h)), that are determined analytically and expressed in formulas. It is shown that the determinant of the stochastic transition probability matrix is equal to the normalized covariance function Сs(h), and the sum of the elements of the non-main diagonal is equal to the normalized indicator variogram γs(h).

Keywords: contouring of ore bodies; stochastic transition probability matrix; transition probability function; indicator variogram; indicator covariance function.



Matkovskaya (Rose) A. A.  Justification of zoning of the heterogeneous field of coal deposits in terms of «total sulfur» for mining planning – р. 61

The article presents an analytical study of the negative impact of the quality indicator «total sulfur» in the coal deposits. The emerging problems associated with the export of coal with high sulfur content to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region are shown. It was noted that to solve the problem associated with the indicator “total sulfur”, it is necessary to regionalize the field of deposits by this indicator before drawing up a mining plan for the purpose of further selective coal mining.

Keywords: the indicator «total sulfur»; the zoning of an inhomogeneous field; the reliability and accuracy of the coal mine; emissions; environment; the Asia-Pacific region.



Khanty-Mansiysk museum of geology, oil and gas – р. 64



85 years to Kaplunov David Rodionovich – р. 66



Overview of the seminar «Practical issues of drawing up plans for the development of mining and processing mining documentation in accordance with the orders of Rostechnadzor № 401 from 29.09.2017 and № 461 of 01.11.2017» – р. 67


Overview of the conference «Industrial safety during subsoil use and protection of mineral resources» – р. 68


Overview of the X International conference «Combined geotechnology: the transition to a new technological order» – р. 70