Omarov G. Z., Kru’chek S. I., Farrakhov A. Z., Aduchiev B. K., Romanovich A. L., Dudikov M. V. Doctrinal approaches to the definitions of public and private interest in the state regulation of subsoil use – р. 4

The paper considers the concept of “interest” from various points of view, including from the perspective of subsoil use, as well as its derivatives – private and public interests. There are conflicts in the legal regulation of subsoil use relations in the legislation of the Russian Federation on subsoil, as well as problems associated with the harmonization of private and public interests. The ways of ensuring a combination of private and public interests in the process of subsoil use are proposed.

Keywords: subsoil use; Law of the Russian Federation “On subsoil”; private and public interests; subject; Constitution of the Russian Federation; state; public education; civil law relations.





Erilova I. I., Glushchenko M. N.  Past and present. 100 years development of the mine surveying in the mining institute NUST «MISIS» – р. 13

The article provides a historical information about the period of development from 1919 to 2019 year of the Mine Surveying discipline of the Department of Geology and Mine Surveying (Mine Surveying and geodesy) of the Mining Institute of the National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» with a retrospective of outstanding scientists-surveyors, working at the Department and a review of their scientific activities. The ways of modern development of the Department are shown: devices, methods, computer programs for processing the results of measurements.

Keywords: mining institute; department; mining engineer; training of specialists; learning process; geodesy; mine surveying; education.



Barkov R. R.  Early high-rise signs of Moscow. Part 2 – р. 22

Continuation of the article about early high-rise signs of Moscow (1873-1934). The different types of embedded elevation marks are considered. A brief description of levelling, accompanying and preceding works is presented. The information about the results of a field survey of elevation marks and the degree of their preservation is presented.

Keywords: Geodetic points; Ttriangulation; Geodetic levelling networks; Levelling points; Moscow.


Nazarov L. S., Ilyushina T. V.  Development of eckers as tools of «Space division». «Earth-dividing trace» in the development of angular surveying and surveying instruments. Part 2 – р. 31

The article presents a continuation of the historical review of the application and constructive development of mechanical, reflective (mirror and prism), optical-mechanical ekers – instruments are conventionally considered to be angular, but performing the function of the visual separation of the space at fixed angles.

Keywords: surveying; geodesy; space division; orthogonal projections; ecker; history; tools development.


Kashnikov Yu. A., Kutyrev A. V., Lyskov I. A.  The conductor profiling system of mine shaft of SPP-1 – р. 40

The experience of the use of developed in 2013 by specialists of the department of MDGiGIS of PNRPU of the profiling station of conductors of mine shafts SPP-1 is summarized. Presented profiling system conductors mine shafts. Its main characteristics, stages of conductor profiling and data processing are considered. It has been shown that the system has passed certification and introduction into production, has shown high technical indicators and can be successfully used for profiling mine shaft barriers under various conditions.

Keywords: mine; mine shaft; surveying service; conductor profiling system; SPP-1; high technical performance.


Malyutin Yu. A. The role of conditions and means of estimation in planning and exploitation of ore deposits. Part 1 – р. 47

The purpose of this paper is to compare traditional methods of ore reserve with international methodic to the estimation of ore deposits using mine shape optimization.

Keywords: zone of mineralization; conditions; cutoff grade; mine select unit.



Sabarov S. S., Kirichenko Yu. V.  Analysis on the possibility of using hydroacoustic and other means of communication during the geological prospecting and exploration when dealing with under water solid mineral deposits – р. 51

The possibilities of using hydroacoustic communications equipment in exploration and mining operations in deep-sea mineral deposits are analyzed in the article. It devoted to the definition of development prospects and identification of weak points in the acoustic communication means of underwater positioning. As a result, the author made a forecast for the development of deep-sea communications.

Keywords: ferromanganese crusts; polymetallic nodules; prospecting works; hydroacoustic means of communication; underwater positioning; laser communication.


Cheban А. Yu. Technology of development of coal deposit with the use of extremely-loading complex – р. 55

The article proposes a technology for the development of a coal deposit with the use of an excavation and loading complex, which makes it possible to excavate, crush, separate coal and transfer to vehicles. Extremely-loading complex provides high productivity by converting cyclic coal extraction into a continuous process of its loading. The possibility of separating coal fines from the stream immersed in coal dump trucks, by means of a unloading and sorting device, followed by the direction of screening in containers of a special vehicle, can significantly reduce dusting in the working area of mining equipment.

Keywords: coal extraction; crushing; sorting; coal fines; pneumatic transport system; container; vehicle.


Erokhin K. S.  Trenchless methods for replacing pipelines and the factors that complicate their replacement in the formed development – р. 60

Modern trenchless pipeline replacement and potential for use in cluttered urban environments is described. Complicating factors of using trenchless pipeline replacement in existing development also described.

Keywords: sliplining, pipeline, relining, pipeline replacement, trenchless pipeline replacement, cluttered urban environments, rehabilitation of pipeline, distribution pipelines.



The 95-year anniversary of Iofis Mikhail Abramovich – р. 66


On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Vasilievich Rzhevsky (1919–1992) – р. 67


On the 80th anniversary of the birth of Yershov Vadim Viktorovich (1939–1989) – р. 69