Report on the results of the activities of the Union of mine surveyors of Russia in 2019 – р. 4



G. Z. Omarov, A. Z. Farrakhov, S. I. Kru’chek, B. K. Aduchiev, A. L. Romanovich, M. V. Dudikov Public interests in mining legislation: concept, structure, contradictions. Part 2 – р. 7

The construction of public interests as economic, social and environmental categories contains internal contradictions. It is proposed to resolve the priority of the identified contradiction in favor of the benefit of the state, which can compensate for the adverse environmental and social consequences as a result of the provision of subsoil for use. Such priority should be fixed in the legislation of the Russian Federation on subsoil.

Keywords: public interest; content of public interest; law of the Russian Federation «On subsoil»; economic; social; environmental category; subsoil use.


N. I. Skorobogatsky To the question of licensing the rights of use of subsoils – р. 16

The article analyzes the current state of the current mechanism for licensing subsoil use in the Russian Federation as a whole and in the coal industry of the Rostov region, in particular. The problems related to the imperfection of legislative support for the liquidation of coal mines are considered. The article substantiates the need to improve the system of licensing the right to use the subsoil in order to avoid the liquidation of mining enterprises with undeveloped mineral reserves.

Keywords: subsoil use; The Law of the Russian Federation «On Subsoil»; licensing; coal industry; mine liquidation.


Rostekhnadzor answers – р. 21



R. R. Barkov Early high-rise signs of Moscow. Part 4 – р. 23

Continuation of the article about the early high-rise signs of Moscow (1873-1934), laid down both for works on the development of urban economy, and for works of national significance. This part contains information about the development of the leveling network in Moscow after 1920. It is shown that currently considered geodetic signs and geodetic networks created on their basis are of value not only from the point of view of science and technology, but also are objects of cultural heritage.

Keywords: Moscow; engineering surveys; geodetic high-altitude networks; leveling network; precision leveling; leveling signs; cultural heritage object.


V. I. Gleizer The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part 6 – р. 32

The historical legacy in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the improving process of the design of domestic surveying explosion-proof torsion gyrocompasses is given (the period from 1969 to 1971).

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures.


G. P. Zhukov Calculation of number of local mine surveyors at the underground mining enterprises – р. 38

Some method of calculation of number of local surveyors at the underground mining enterprises are considered. It is noted that optimization of structure of management of the enterprises is caused by application of new technologies and new generation of mine surveying and geodetic devices and systems. Formulas are presented for calculation the number of local staff in conditions of underground coal and ore mining. The coefficient for calculation the number of local mining staff is introduced for the first time. This coefficient (К1 = 0,7–0,8) takes in account the change of norms of time for mine-surveying works in case of using modern devices, systems and technologies.

Keywords: mine surveying underground work; the number of precinct mine surveyors; calculation methods; management optimization; new devices and technologies.


I. I. Volkova, N. S. Belov, T. V. Shaplygina Geospatial analysis of natural-anthropogenic transformation of aeolian coastal-marine natural complexes using terrestrial laser scanning – р. 41

The use of terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) in modern practical and scientific activities is no longer a novelty, but often the question arises in interpreting the data obtained. The conducted study confirmed the importance of using TLS methods when examining the elements of the coastal zone, since they allow us to move from a scoring system to specific numbers and, as a result, a better analysis of the naturalanthropogenic transformation of natural complexes.

Keywords: aeolian process; terrestrial laser scanning; dunes; Baltic spit.


A. D. Prokop Justification of the accuracy of the determined values in the production of surveying surveys using software and hardware systems – р. 46

The substantiation of the accuracy of parameters in the production of surveying surveys using software and hardware systems in accordance with the requirements of current regulatory documents is given.

Keywords: mine surveying surveys; aerial photography; satellite equipment; hardware and software system; metrological and technical specifications; spatial coordinates; accuracy



S. V. Kuz’min, S. A. Antonyuk, I. S. Nevolin Studies of the dependence of the load-bearing capacity of the combined (anchor-frame) support on the order and time of installation of its elements – р. 49

The article presents the methodology for calculating the optimal gap between the installation of the frame and anchor supports, which will ensure their effective and joint operation in the mining and geological conditions of the Lenin formation suite (mine named after S. Kirov, Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Kemerovskaya region).

Keywords: combined fastening; anchor support; compliant frame support; numerical modeling.


V. V. Melnik, K. M. Murin, A. I. Bukhanik Mining pressure control during unmanned coal mining by the kmd type complex using the chamber of recovery chamber reserves mining – р. 57

The article presents an analysis of the option of unmanned coal mining, in which the mining is performed in the reverse order after preliminary narrow furnace is preliminary, which is promising both in terms of the possibility of creating favorable conditions for the implementation of effective and economical (from the point of view of pillar losses) methods of controlling rock pressure, and in relation to the working conditions of a remotely controlled extraction machine using an example of a complex of the KMD type.

Keywords: unmanned coal mining; reverse mining; mechanized mining complex; rock pressure control.



M. A. Shadrin, S. N. Mulev, A. I. Nimets, V. I. Gleizer 90 YEARS OF VNIMI JSC – р. 63


Victor Ivanovich Pavlov - 90 years – р. 68



I. I. Erilova The results of the Session 1.2 «The problems of mine surveying, geometry and qualimetry of mineral resources» XXVIII International scientific symposium «Miner's week – 2020» – р. 69