4 2020 обложка финал 0001– LEGAL ISSUES OF SUBSOIL USE

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A. V. Gal’yanov Subsoil geometry – a retrospective look and the present. Part 2 – р. 8

Continuation of the analytical review of the development of theoretical concepts of the geometry of the subsoil over the past 120 years – from the moment the idea of geometrizing the properties of rocks has arisen to the present.

Keywords: subsoil; geochemical field; development; theory; concept; structure; information; representativeness; relativity; conformity; geometrization; principle; variability.



V. A.  Gordeev, G. G. Shevchenko The use of scope in the processing of mine surveying measurements – р. 17

The application of the range of the sample as a measure of the accuracy of the mine surveying measurement results is considered. Statistical criteria are given for identifying gross errors, for evaluating the standard, for checking the results of mine surveying measurements for normality, and also for establishing tolerances for surveying. The research results prove the effectiveness of the scope and the possibility of its use in the processing of mine surveying measurements.

Keywords: scope; measurement results; gross mistakes; standard assessment; mine surveying permits.


A. A. Blishchenko, A. K. Lobyntsev, A. K. Sukhov Evaluation of the accuracy of measuring volume of warehouse in mining objects using unmanned technology – р. 23

It is known that the accuracy of measurement is the main parameter of the quality of mine surveying. To achieve the minimum error in measurements in open pit mining, new measurement techniques and modern geodetic instruments are increasingly being used, a striking example of which are unmanned aerial vehicles. The article assesses the accuracy of determining the volume of warehouses of small parameters and configurations using a geodesic quadrocopter and compares the obtained values with the results of determining the volumes of the same warehouses obtained as a result of classical surveying using satellite geodetic equipment.

Keywords: open-pit mining; surveying; unmanned technologies; quadracopter; camera processing; measurement accuracy.


V. V. Kurbatovа Mine surveying of bulk ore warehouses using remote sensing methods – р. 28

The accuracy of calculating volumes is influenced by many factors – the error of the instrument, the accuracy of determining the coordinates of the thickening of the shooting justification, the geometric correctness of the object, the calculation method, the sufficient density of the pickets taking into account the scale of the survey on surfaces enclosing the volume. Based on this, approximation of measurements and comparative analysis of the data obtained by geodetic and photogrammetric methods at the «Dvoynoy» mine were performed.

Keywords: method; scale; photogrammetric; geodesic; survey; volume.


V. I. Gleizer The history of the development of domestic surveying gyroscopy. Part 7 – р. 33

The historical heritage in the field of surveying gyroscopic measuring instruments is considered. The analysis of the process of creating domestic surveying explosion-proof gyrocompasses with torsion suspension pendulum sensing element. The process of improving the design of surveying gyroscopic devices is reflected (period 70–80 years of the XX century).

Keywords: gyroscopic orientation; surveying gyrocompasses; improvement of structures; gyromotor with a mirror on the rotor.


A. E. Kirkov, V. V. Likhodeevskaya Justification of the method for calculating approximate marks of nodal points when leveling networks with strict (parametric method) and non-strict methods (professor Popov’s method of nodes) – р. 39

The article is devoted to comparison of methods of calculating the approximate elevations of nodal points when adjusting leveling networks by strict and non-strict methods. In the course of the research, mathematical models of level networks were developed, and were presented in the form of a closed loop and a set of open polygons. Analysis of modeling allows us to determine the feasibility of applying the knot method by prof. Popov instead of the parametric method of adjustment.

Keywords: adjustment of level networks; parametric method of adjustment; knots method by professor Popov; geomechanical monitoring.



N. F. Nizametdinov, R. F. Nizametdinov, E. A. Oleinikova, A. Z. Kapasova, A. O. Oralbay Laser-digital measurement technology for monitoring the status of instrument arrays quarry – р. 43

Forecasting and ensuring the stability of quarry slopes is one of the most important tasks when conducting open-pit mining operations. The article presents the results of the organization and conduct of instrumental surveying and geodetic monitoring of the state of instrument arrays using advanced laser-digital measurement technologies in the development of the Kentobe iron ore deposit.

Keywords: geomonitoring; ledges; sides; profile lines; reference points; working benchmarks; electronic total station; mine scanner.



A. Yu. Cheban, A. G. Sekisov Systematization of methods for differentiated development of mining massives by a complex of indicators – р. 49

The article proposes the systematization of known methods for the differentiated development of massifs with the allocation of groups depending on the physicomechanical properties of rocks, ore values and the purpose of the mining operations. A rational combination of various methods of disintegration and the sequence of technological processes allows to reduce the energy intensity and cost of mining operations, as well as to ensure the preservation of the natural quality of the extracted ores. The authors have developed an improved technology for the development of stockwork-type deposits with advanced mechanical extraction of ore and differentiated explosive preparation of the remaining mass, which provides an increase in the extraction of valuable components in the extraction and subsequent processing of ores.

Keywords: valuable minerals, ore grades, selective excavation, drilling unit, excavator, loader, wheel scraper.


O. E. Khomenko, V. I. Lyashenko New technologies and technical means of fixing mine workings using geo –energy – р. 54

The main scientific and practical results of the development and implementation of new technologies and equipment for mining using geo-energy, allowing the use of the maximum amount of energy generated in the safety capsule with saving resources. It is shown that the energy of the safety capsule formed around the mining is used according to the parabolo-hyperbolic dependence, the values of which correspond to the principles of counteracting and transferring the concentrated energy of the array. The efficiency of implementation of the developed technologies for fixing workings for ore mines in Ukraine is proved.

Keywords: mine workings; fastening; rock massif; geo-energy; great depths.


N. B. Agarkov, T. V. Zhdanova, A. M. Malikov, N. G. Karpenko Optimization of the area from heating protection using geofiltration modeling – р. 62

In the article, using geofiltration modeling, an assessment of predicted water inflows at the site of the projected rock dumps was made to ensure safe mining during the formation of dumps and their operation, and to design a drainage system for the study site. A variant of the drainage system for the removal of ground and surface waters from the territory of the dumps is presented.

Keywords: geofiltration model; simulated layer; filtration coefficient; aquifer; groundwater level; quarry; dump; conductivity coefficient; GMS.



Museum of mining glory of the Kolchuginsky mine – р. 68



60 years of Vikulov Arkady Germanovich – р. 72