2 2021 обложка


  1. V. Gritskov About new directions of use of the schemes for the development of mining operations – р. 4

The article is based on the materials of the author’s report at the Seminar “Features of the application of new requirements for the production of geological survey works”, organized and conducted by the Union of Surveyors of Russia LLC and Rostechnadzor in December 2020.

Keywords: subsurface use; mining operations; regulatory support; plans (schemes) for the development of mining operations; procedure for preparation and approval; Rostekhnadzor; Union of Surveyors of Russia.


About the standard additional professional program of professional retraining in the specialty «Mine surveying» – р. 10




D. M. Gilaev, A. A. Zagretdinov, R. V. Zagretdinov Experience and prospects of use gnss technologies in the fields oil and gas – р. 21

The article discusses ways to improve the accuracy of satellite geodetic technologies and their use for monitoring the earth’s surface at geodynamic polygons in areas of active oil and gas production. The experience of using GNSS technologies at PJSC TATNEFT at the Ashalchi super-viscous oil field, a local geodynamic polygon and the experience of deploying a special-purpose geodetic network in the southeast of the Republic of Tatarstan are presented.

Keywords: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS); geodynamics; monitoring.


I. I. Erilova Application of an electronic educational project for teaching the disciplines «Geodesy» and «Mine surveying» to students of mining specialties in the context of a pandemic COVID-19 – р. 28

The Report shows main results of the practical application of the innovative Distance Learning Method for the mining professions students, disciplines: “Geodesy” and “Mine Surveying” of the Mining Institute, NUST “MISiS” during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Report describes the structure and the parameters of the electronic content part of the Online Education Project. The current work shows the analytical aspects of the elaborated and used by the author method.

Keywords: distance learning, blended learning; education; learning process; innovative project; geodesy; mine surveying; video; lectures; video lecture; internet; website; electronic content; electronic resource; students; users; COVID-19.


A. A. Kuzin, V. G. Filippov Methodology for determining the root mean square error of measuring the height difference at the station by digital levels – р. 36

To ensure the normative accuracy of determining the settlement of buildings and structures, it is necessary to select the appropriate technique, instruments and equipment. When determining vertical displacements, the method of geometric leveling is widely used with modern digital levels and barcode bars. The instrument passport and the verification certificate indicate the root-mean-square error (RMS) for determining the height difference per 1 km of the double stroke. However, when designing the deformation network and developing the observation methodology, it is customary to use the RMS for measuring the elevation at the station, the value of which can be used to conclude that the level is suitable for performing work with the required accuracy. The article describes the method for determining the RMS for measuring the elevation at the station and the results of laboratory studies of this value for the Trimble DINI 11 level.

Keywords: root mean square error; high-precision level; observation of precipitation; buildings and structures; accuracy assessment.



A. V. Grishin, V. B. Terentyev, V. E. Marakov, V. B. Parfenov Method for calculation of geomechanical parameters of the chamber development system for developing the edge areas of the Verkhnekamsky potassium salts deposit – р. 46

The article provides a methodology for calculating the geomechanical parameters of the chamber development system, based on the results of field observations carried out during the development of the peripheral areas of the Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit (VKMS). The proposed methodology took into account the variable structure of productive and containing rocks and their content of water-insoluble residue, which had a significant impact on the stability of the elements of the development system used.

Keywords: Verkhnekamsk potassium-magnesium salt deposit; chamber development system; inter-chamber target; permissible degree of loading; stability; geomechanical parameters.



A. Yu. Cheban Improvement of rock extracting technology using excavator with sorting bucket – р. 53

The technology proposed in the article for the excavation of rock mass with an excavator with an improved sorting bucket will increase the productivity of work, as well as reduce the downtime of dump trucks under loading. The presence of a rotary accumulator on the sorting bucket will provide the possibility of combining the processes of sorting the rock mass and turning the excavator to the unloading point, and also exclude spilling of small fractions onto the working platform. The rotary accumulator can be installed on sorting buckets of known designs without significant modernization. The introduction of this technical and technological solution into mining production will reduce the cost of extracting mineral raw materials.

Keywords: small and large fractions of rock mass; ore; waste rock; excavator; bucket; rotary accumulator; dump truck.


S. B. Karyaev Solution of environmental problems of the region by using local waste of the industry – р. 58

This article discusses one of the solutions to the ecological state of the region, through the use of local waste as additives in the production of concrete mix. The use of waste contributes to the improvement of the environment, allows you to clear huge areas of fertile land that are occupied by secondary products. It is possible to organize waste-free production.

Keywords: ecology; environmental pollution; building materials; waste; secondary products; concrete; concrete mix.


D. V. Voskovsky Analysis of the experience of using sub-level caving systems on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad – р. 63

The article deals with examples of deposits where ore is extracted by this development system. The strategies drawing of JSC «Apatit», «Voskhod-Oriel» LLP and Kirunavara field were analyzed.

Keywords: sub-level caving; draw point; quality control; grade of ore.



In memory of Eduard Varuzhanovich Kasparyan – р. 65



Kuzbass will host the anniversary forum «Mining school» – р. 69


SUEK held a holiday television dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the company – р. 71