Astakhov A. S., Ahrens V. Zh., Verbo A. M.  About risks in mining industry – р.9.

Methodological issues of the conception, problems & estimation procedures related to investment risks are discussed. Classification of risks is motivated. Structural analysis of objective & subjective factors of risks is made. Specifics of investment risks in mineral sector of economy is illustrated by the example of mining industry.

Keywords: risk; classification of risk; investment; mining industry project.



Vylegzhanin O. N., Rybalka S. A.  The evaluation of the coordinates of unknown point from the results of distance measurements – р.15.

The analysis of requirements for a typical surveying task – to determine the coordinates of an unknown point on the base of results of distance measurements from points with known coordinates was carried out. The methods of classical solutions of basic surveying tasks by forming and solving systems of linear equations.

Keywords: geodesy; mine surveying; geodetic; method; measurement; accuracy; distance; point; linear equations system.


Sitaev М. N., Rubashenko S. V.  Enforce the uniformity of measurements – public task р.18.

Discusses the topical issue of state regulation of ensuring the uniformity of measurements the need for periodic verification of mea­suring instruments used in the production of surveying works.

Keywords: state regulation; measurement; metrology; calibration of measuring instruments; geophysical and surveying work.


Vladimirova T. M.  Тopical problems of metrological support geodesy and mine surveying – р.21.

The analysis of metrological problems in the field of geodetic measurements and surveying.

Keywords: metrological support; metrological control; calibration of measuring instruments; mine survey and survey work.


Valdman V. V., Gridnev S. O., Ohotin A. L.  Mine surveying based on photograph trace laser plane р.24.

The article examines into the vital issues of measuring and calculating the raw stock volumes in covered storehouses at mining and processing plants. The authors bring out two state-of-the-art high-technology solutions: the first is to use the ground-based laser scanning system and the second is a method to use fundamentally new computerized stocktaking system in mine surveying for the ore mineral volume calculation, based on the profile digital images. These images are obtained via vertical projection of the laser plane onto the surface of the stored raw materials.

Keywords: covered storehouses; laser scanning; surveying; photogoniometric methods in mine surveying.


Volkov N. V.  Assessment of the impact geothermal mode on the results of repeated leveling р.29.

This paper concerned with the complexity of the solution of geodynamic and mine-dynamic problems by geodetic methods. It is shown the results of the research of the influence of annual geothermal mode on the stability of different types of benchmarks, which used for monitoring of geodynamic polygons.

Keywords: geotechnical monitoring; geodynamic polygon; geothermal mode; crust; deformation; benchmark; stability; releveling error.



Kulibaba S. B., Hohlov B. V., Rogko D. M. Parameters of the unloading zones under the working seam – р.33.

Based on the analysis of the results of field instrumental observations obtained new dependence of the relative maximum upheaval of rocks in the sole of production and the depth distribution of the unloading zones under the working coal seam.

Keywords: coal seam; region of low stress; upheaval of rocks; parameters; instrumental observations; analysis.


Filatov A. V., Kalashnik A. I., Maksimov D. A.  Horizontal displacements estimation of “Zheleznyi” open-pit walls of Kovdorskiy GOK using satellite radar acquisitions  р.36.

The given paper describes potentialities (м/б opportunities) of satellite radar acquisitions application for monitoring of Kovdorskiy GOK “Zhelezniy” open-pit walls stability. 44 Sentinel-1A radar frames acquired from ascending and descending satellite passes were processed using persistent scatterers interferometry method. The combination of processing results of both data sets made it possible to estimate the direction and amplitude of stable reflectors horizontal displacements. Resulting displacement velocities map correlates with data of periodic optical range measurements on “Zhelezniy” open-pit geodetic polygon.

Keywords: satellite observations, radar interferometry, Sentinel-1A, optical range measurements, geodetic polygon, “Zhelezniy” open-pit, Kovdorskiy GOK.  


Lyashenko V. I. Improving the efficiency of geomechanical security of underground mining р.42.

The main scientific and practical results of research in the field of increase of efficiency of geomechanical security of underground mining through the development of instrumental and methodical base and innovative approaches to improve technical and economic performance, creating safe and comfortable labor conditions in the mining of complicated structures. The results of experience in top of workings using various methods of evaluation of the stress state of the rock mass according to the visual observations. The classification of the stress state of the massif on the degree of rockburst hazard based on the shape and intensity of the violation, the orientation of the maximum stresses (vertically, horizontally or tangentially to the surface of a breach) with respect to output.

Keywords: rock deposits; underground mining; safety; geomechanical security; efficiency.


Grishin А. V., Shevchuk S. V.  To the organization of geomechanical monitoring in the development of mineral deposits by open method at great depths р.51.

Сonsidered the question of the organization of geomechanical monitoring in the development of mineral deposits, lying at great depths, by open method. It is shown that rational choice of deformation processes control method directly affects the safety of mining operations and the economic component of the development of mineral deposits by open method. As for the choice of monitoring systems aimed at early identification of signs of violation of the limit of stability of slopes and ledges career, it is necessary to classify the kinds and types of violations of the stability of the rock mass in the open method of development of mineral deposits.

Keywords: security; open cast mining; deformation; slopes; ledges; kinds and types of violations array stability; monitoring.



Erilova I. I.  Major trends of innovative educational project of blended learning for students of mining specialties of the disciplines "Geodesy" and "Mine surveying" – р.60.

The Report shows the main aspects and trends of the statistics data variations that characterize the innovative Online Education Proj­ect dynamics for the mining professions students in the disciplines «Geodesy» in «Mine Surveying» of the Moscow Mining Institute, NUST «MISiS» (the educational and reference web site: www.irina-erilova.narod.ru/ and the youtube channel: www.youtube.com/c/ИринаЕрилова).

Keywords: learning process; geodesy; mine surveying; lectures; internet; website; video; innovative project; student; education.