Grinko N. K.  Notes in the margin notes of the «profession for all life» – p.6


Gritskov V. V.  On new requirements for the registration of dangerous production objects  – p.13

Reviewed new requirements for the registration of dangerous production objects with regard to the specifics of subsoil use. Clarified use of existing legitimate mechanisms for the adoption of technological solutions in the process of registration of dangerous production objects at the level of the subsoil legislation.

Keywords: dangerous production objects; registration of dangerous production objects; subsoil; legislation on subsoil; design documentation; process solutions; industrial safety expertise; technical projects; plan; scheme.


Murin K. M., Nikiforova I. L., Davidenko A. A.  About the project of professional standard

«Mine surveyor» – p.17

In the article intermediate results of formation of the basic elements of the new system of professional qualifications in Russia are considered. The information On the progress of the development of the professional standard «Mine surveyor», initiated by the All-Russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia».

Keywords: system of professional qualifications; qualifying characteristics; subsoil use; surveying work; All-Russian public organization «Union of mine surveyors of Russia»; professional standard «Mine surveyor».

Anniversary of the training centerof additional professional education «Mining education» – p.21


New additions to the museum of mine surveying – p.23



Rogova T. B., Shaklein S. V. Application of computer technologies for determine the position of the isoline mining-geological indicators of the coal seam – p.29

Оn the basis of the presented experimental data it is shown that in the conditions of coal deposits computer methods determine the position of isolines worse than the traditional manual method in areas of uncertainty of their behavior. An algorithm for the joint use of these methods is described, which provides the creation of digital models of characteristics of the coal seam.

Keywords: main geometry; computer technologies; isoclines; coal seam.


Galyanov A. V., Shlemov I. A. Accuracy of the methods of equalizing mine surveying and geodesic triangulations. Analytical method  – p.37

Initial positions and analysis of the accuracy of equalization calculations by analytical method are considered in this article.

Keywords: triangle; equalization; analytical method; variants; stochastic process; random number generator; simulation modeling; efficiency; error.



Vasil’ev Y. V., Plavnik A. G., Radchenko A. V.  The technogenic impact of hydrocarbon production on recent geodynamics of samotlor oil field – p.43

The analysis of the results of long-term observations of the dynamics of contemporary deformation processes of the earth’s surface at the Samotlor geodynamic polygon-based high-precision geodetic, gravimetric measurements, geological indicators of operational and injection wells. The tendency of subsidence of the earth’s surface at a rate of 15-20 mm/year in Central and South-Eastern part of the field. The basic mechanisms affecting the stress-strain state of the productive strata and the overlying sediments.

Keywords: geodynamic monitoring; modern deformation processes; industrial process; geodetic measurements; high-precision gravimetry; flooding; geotemperature field; rock mechanics; stress-strain state; chest subsidence of the earth’s surface.


Filatov A. V. Detection of ground surface local critical deformations on Komsomolskoe field by a method of radar interferometry – p.52

The given paper demonstrates an effective example of satellite radar data differential interferometric processing application for detection of ground surface local critical deformations on Komsomolskoe field. The maximum subsidence is 87 cm per 2 years. The obtained results point on the necessity of use of satellite radar monitoring technology separately from ground geodetic measurements for local deformations preliminary detection. In order to increase the effectiveness of radar interferometry practical use, the ground surface displacements map in areas where dangerous local deformations are possible due to natural and technogenic factors will be made and published. These areas are oil and gas fields, open-pit mines, underground gas storages, Yamal craters.

Keywords: satellite observations; synthetic aperture radar; radar interferometry; local deformations; ALOS-2; Sentinel-1A/B; Komsomolskoe field.


Gusev V. N., Lonzhid E. B.  Forecasting of position of borders of a zone of influence of construction of tunnels in the conditions of urban development – p.58

Approach by definition of a zone of influence of construction of tunnels of the subway in geological conditions of Ulaanbaatar is stated. Using the data of geological approbation on wells including definition of physical and mechanical properties of breeds of the Quaternary Period of their formation and results of mathematical modeling functional dependences of boundary corners on physical and mechanical properties of breeds most of which influence the size of this angular parameter are received. The received boundary corners in the form of functional dependences on physical and mechanical indicators allow to predict displacement trough border from construction of tunnels in the conditions of urban development.

Keywords: boundary corner; physical and mechanical properties of breeds; displacement trough border.



80-th anniversary of Gennadiy Iosifovich Shmal  – p.64


50-th anniversary of Alexander Petrovich Verzhansky – p.65



About the meeting on the organization of the all-russian project of preparation of a legal document for the substantiation of the stability of pit walls and dumps – p.66


Summer school at baikal for talented students – mine surveying and surveyors – p.68